(B) Student Survey Results

I formally surveyed my students four times throughout the year in order to solicit their opinions about their engagement in the writing process and to determine the effectiveness of the instructional strategies I employed, including my application of facilitative feedback.  The surveys were not anonymous because I wanted to have the opportunity to follow up with specific students and to ask questions about their responses or their papers.  I also wanted to compare the students pre-assessment survey responses with the post-assessment responses in order to draw conclusions about individual students' growth throughout the year. 

The surveys led to some fruitful conversations with my students about their writing, and I know each class appreciated the opportunity to contribute to their own learning experiences.  They knew the feedback would help me change my instruction and feedback, and they responded respectfully and honestly.
Important Note: All student comments included in this website are quoted exactly from their written responses.  I have retained all errors in spelling, grammar, and syntax.