(C) Collecting Pre-Assessment Data

I administered a few types of pre-assessments in order to gather data about my students' application of the writing process and their attitudes and perceptions toward the writing process.  The pre-assessment items were as follows:
  • On a preliminary writing assignment, I asked students to develop a draft of their work, solicit peer feedback, and set goals for revision based on the feedback.  I examined the two drafts, the peer feedback, and the goals based on the writing process and self-direction rubrics.  (See Pre-Assessment Data for the results.)
  • When I shared this research project with my students, I asked them to complete a survey in order to identify their attitudes toward and behaviors within the writing process(See Survey Results for the details.)
  • Later in the project, I determined that student reflection could be a significant factor in helping my students become more self-directed, and so I collected students' reflections on an early paper they wrote and examined them based on the reflection rubric my classes helped me develop(See Pre-Assessment Data for the results.)