hypocrisy, hypocrisy, hypocrisy 

In the accepted hierarchy of treaty terminology, a State's undertaking to "ensure" a right denotes the highest possible obligation - it requires more than mere non interference with a designated right and requires the State party to the treaty to execute positive measures, legislative / administrative / legal as necessary, to make sure the specified right can be effectively exercised. 

The word "ensure" is used 32 times in the substantive body of the UN Convention on children's rights UNCRC) and is not derogated in any way.

Article 43 of the Convention, set up a Committee on the Rights of the Child as the sole authoritive reference source. That Committee in its eighth session, heavily criticised the UK for not implementing many aspects of the Treaty.

In report "Concluding Observations of the Committee on the of the Child Concerning UK, the Committee found that Britain is in violation of the Treaty. "In this the Committee observes in particular that the principal for the best interest of the child appears not to be in legislation in such areas as health, education, and social security, which have a bearing on the respect the rights of the child."

The fact that the Committee's finding of non compliance is still unchanged, is corroborated in 2008 by the Children's Commissioners of Britain - and by other sources including the Parliamentary Joint Committee On Human Rights, who have called on government to sign and ratify Protocol 12 of ECHR.

Additional corroboration has been provided by UNICEF but according to Blatcherist governments and their judicial cerebral prostitutes, children don't need the Convention and ECHR Protocol 12 any more than they need Article 13 (deleted from the 'human rights' Act by Harperson et al), because they are ruled and judged by jolly good chaps.

Against a background of generally prevailing kinderfeindlichkeit, in Blatcherist Britain, England's Children's Commissioner for example is required to "have due regard for" the UN Convention but although the office called on government to implement the Convention the call was completely ignored. According to a BBC 290106 report , he is "concerned about abuse of their (children's) rights", is publicly asking for a mature debate in the light of what the government promised by ratifying the Convention - promises to children of protection, provision and participation, signed 190490 and solemnly ratified 161291, making it legally binding.

The Commissioner is "disappointed there is no mention of the UN convention on children's rights in the Blatcherist government's 'respect action plan'" [that vilified alienated and developmentally mutilated children as causes not effects, in the disreputable tradition of Hodge (children who complain about abuse), Dobson (child NHS patients who complain), et al]. 

The Commissioner has "a fairly shrewd idea of what it's like to be a child and therein lies (his) despair... seeing the awfulness of many children's lives and the way in which the majority of the [blindly rat-racing, gluttonously consuming, planet-busting and part-time parenting] population in this country appear to be oblivious to the difficulties they are facing."

Reality , in an England characterised by top job holders like Hodge and Harperson ; a civil justice system to which despite the lip gloss, children are barely tolerated nuisances ; and with gusto and appropriate contempt by feminist Beatrix Campbell ; is effectively portrayed by the fact that "the government strenuously resisted appointment of a Children's Commissioner (and it was only) after several tragedies and the death of little Victoria Climbie that the 2003 Laming report recommended creation of the post" - a characterisation that's  also painted by the facts that:  

a)    Children’s Minister Hodge [of  "over a decade has passed and she still comes out with comments that rubbish children" - notoriety, according to the London Evening Standard]   then fought and  "won her battle to have five references to the word “rights” removed "  from the job description;  

b)   madam minister also altered the remit from promoting and safeguarding the rights of children in England to promoting awareness of their views  - presumably in order that her kind may then set about systematically silencing and vilifying those having the temerity to express unflattering "views" of developing in a contrived gluttonous,  rat-racing and part-time parenting, "dog-eat-dog" (UNICEF says so) society,  led moulded and represented by violent and bloodstainedsociopathic and unprincipled, professional opportunists and liars, who are all too often also dysfunctional parents.