Our Action Plan is Action Research

Action research  empowers all participants in the community to analyze and solve the identified problems.   Through this process, the entire community collaborates through active participation in the process. There are no bystanders. Each participant contributes research, data, and analyses. The anticipated results is that all participant changes the social and institutional processes of our school.

The ESHS Action Plan for the 2015-2021 academic years is set in ongoing phases which focus on our two learner critical needs. 

Beginning in the Fall of 2015, we will look to Critical Learner Need #1

ESHS has identified via student surveys and student grades approximately 17% of our students who have not completed a specific portion of coursework with a grade of C or higher. These students lack the college-readiness skills (e.g. study skills, time management, and test taking strategies) needed to be able to remain A-G eligible.

Also beginning in the Fall of 2015 academic year, we begin work on Critical Learner Need #2 

With the shift to Common Core Standards including the Career Readiness Standards, ESHS has identified student subgroups that need to elevate their ability to reason, think, read, and write critically and self-reflect on their process of learning.

These two critical needs will be reexamined, analyzed, prioritized, and modified for re-engagement for further the Action Research model for subsequent years. The Action Research Process is a cyclical process.  As Critical Learner Needs are considered, they frequently reveal other critical needs and the process continues.

Action Research Reports will be linked from here:
Critical Need 1
Critical Need 2