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My Android Devices:
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Phablet
Samsung Galaxy S III SmartPhone
Motorola Zoom 10" Tablet
Dell Streak7 7" 3G Tablet (A steal @ $179)
Samsung Galaxy S II SmartPhone
HTC HD2 ('twas the Hackers Choice of SmartPhone)
ZTE V9 7" 3G Tablet (@$100 it's unbeatable!!!)
Huawai Sonic (el cheapo to 'play' with)
Motorola cliq - picked up new at a hamfest for $30 and want it as a dedicated RTTY/PSK unit.
e-pad 10" Tablet (one of the first android tablets).

I regularly contribute to Google/Android feature development.
I'm currently developing an Android Application for the RF Industry - HAM version will be free.

I  have over 500 apps on my phone/devices, and HERE are my recommendations for Amateur (Ham) Radio.

I'm almost constantly updating to a new ROM on my Galaxy S3 doing beta testing.

Latest ROM for the Dell Streak 7 Android Jelly Bean 4.2.1 can be found here.

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