Take part in this 5k and make a difference.

Action for Aidan is a family walk/run designed to raise money and awareness for Hunter Syndrome.  All money raised from this event will go directly to the National MPS Society - a 501-3C organization - for Hunter research. A group of physicians, known as the Scientific Advisory Board, meets yearly at the MPS society to determine which research grants are the most promising and should be awarded the money raised.

The National MPS Society's Tax ID number is: 11-2734849

Go To The Web Address Below to Donate or Register for the Event:

Action For Aidan Registration and Donations Link


Please fill out Registration Form & Mail to P.O. Box if registering with check
If sending a donation- please fill out donation form attached under documents and send with money
All registration fees and donation a
re a tax write-off

New Partnership

We are excited to report that we have partnered with another fantastic running race on the Seacoast of New Hampshire.  It is called the Wallis Sands Half Marathon.  The event founder, Stephanie Murray, was so touched by Aidan's story, she immediately wanted to get involved with Action for Aidan.  Thank you to Stephanie and the hundreds of athletes participating in this sold out event as we continue to press on and find new hope that we can find a cure.