Media Release: Keep Community Action Going - Lodge Your Marriage Equality Submissions NOW


Last night saw approximately 1,000 people come out on a rainy night in Brisbane to show their opposition to the #HateTruck and the brutal attack on the gay community by fundamentalist Peter Madden and his mere 20 followers. It's very encouraging to see so many people, gay straight or whatever, prepared to take a public stand against such an attack.

Queensland equal rights advocate, Phil Browne, along with other community representatives, urge everyone who was outraged by the recent anti-gay attacks in Queensland, to take further action by lodging your submissions to the Australian government saying you support marriage equality.

Currently there is proposed legislation before federal Parliament, which if passed by a majority vote of the 150 federal MP's, would see Australia legalise same sex marriage. This could even happen this year - but it won't happen without community action!

Repeated polls show 62% of Australians support marriage equality - yet the submissions lodged so far are 64% opposed!!

Browne says:
"It's up to each and every one of us, plus our families and friends, to lodge our own submissions and reverse this 64% opposition. Show the government that yes the people do want full marriage equality.

If we remain silent we will not achieve equality - but just look at what happened last night in Brisbane in the rain. If we all take action we can win the right to marry, and this would be a huge step towards full equality.

Everyone at the Brisbane rally, everyone around the country who supported the rally, plus all our friends and families must take a few minutes to tell our government we are equal citizens and demand equal rights."

There are TWO separate government inquiries into legalising marriage equality, and people need to make a public submission to BOTH of these inquiries. 
There are time limits for the public comment period to the inquiries - one ends on 2 April 2012 and the other ends on 20 April 2012. 

Thank you to everyone for taking action

For more information contact Phil Browne on 0428 140 359