Media Release: First ever Local Gov't LGBT Policy for Brisbane


Brisbane Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Intersex and Queer Action Group (BLAG) is pleased to announce that tonight will see discussion regarding details of the ALP local government LGBT Policy for Brisbane City Council.

BLAG Convenor, Phil Browne, says this is a historic occasion for Brisbane and is the culmination of almost a years work for the residents action group. BLAG has been discussing the need for recognition of, and assistance to Brisbane LGBT residents, with political parties ahead of the Brisbane City Council election on 28 April. Should the ALP win power at the BCC election, this policy would take effect.

The LGBT Policy details will be discussed during the Meet the Candidates event at 7.30pm tonight at the Wickham Hotel, Wickham St Fortitude Valley (following the Pride Festival forum 6.30 - 7.30pm). Discussing the policy will be ALP Lord Mayoral candidate Ray Smith and ALP Councillor candidate for Brisbane Central ward Heather Beattie

Phil Browne states:

"BLAG members are pleased that the LGBT residents of Brisbane are being recognised by this policy, which validates us as valuable members of the community. 

In the past we have barely been a blip on the Council radar, and it's great to see this policy saying loud and clear that we are not 2nd class citizens.

We met with the political parties and presented our requests. It's great to see that the need for improvement has been recognised. 

It would be a fabulous thing for LGBT people, plus the broader community, to see this policy take effect." 

BLAG is eager to assist others who want to lobby their local Council for LGBT initiatives. 
A step by step guide has been prepared on "How to lobby your local Council for LGBT recognition and supportive programs."

For more information contact Phil Browne on 0428 140 359