Marriage Equality - Monthly update: February 2012

Civil Unions: Just as Qld had Civil Unions granted, there are THREE threats to have the law over-turned.


The Liberal National Party (LNP) and also the Katter Australian Party (KAP) have both said they will attempt to repeal Qld Civil Unions after the 24 March state election.

Both the LNP (regardless of who is Leader) and the KAP appear set to attempt repeal even though some Civil Unions are already performed.


Qld Independent MP Rob Messenger has vowed to repeal the law, even if some Civil Unions have already been performed.

Alarmingly, he has already released his CIVIL PARTNERSHIPS REPEAL BILL 2012

Polls suggest there is likely to be a change of government at the Qld state election on 24 March 2012 and numerous ALP seats may be lost to the LNP. This would then likely increase the risk of MP's voting to repeal Civil Unions. 


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