Welcome to ACTEAZ!

The Smartpen and Math

by:  Sue Glascoe

This website will contain all the materials and lessons used in today's workshop

I have added links on the side to each part of the workshop

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The outline for this workshop will be as follows (times are tentative - but necessary to get through all the topics!):

  8:00-11:30  TOPIC  DETAILS


Google websites  You will set up the initial FREE google website  to store many of the
 files and videos you will be creating during this workshop.  You will learn to edit a page and embed content as the workshop progresses.

Jing You will learn to create FREE screenshots and videos from any content
open on your computer.   This is a great way to make "how to" movies!
You will learn to add your screen shots and videos to your google site.

(and 11am)
Livescribe Pulse smartpen You will learn to use the pen with the Livescribe paper to create static text
or animations (after uploading the pencast to the computer)
You will learn to add your static file or movie to your google site.


You will learn to animate using this simple and fun animation software. 
You will create your own animation and learn to export it as a movie.
You will learn to embed your movie in your google site.

Workspace (and Mobi) You will learn to create a teaching lesson, import images and movies, and
annotate over any program or window open on your computer using
this simple program that comes with the Mobi (from eInstruction).  You
will learn to export the lesson as pdf files and record a movie to embed
into  your google site 

Other Programs Hopefully there will be time to show you a few of my other
favorite programs and websites.  If not, there are materials on this
website for you to view.