ACTAtek Support Program

Feature Support Topics:

-          Instruction in using the ACTAtek hardware and software correctly to meet the customer’s requirement

-          Instruction in how to connect the ACTAtek to the Access Manager

-          Instruction in how to connect the ACTAtek Agent to the ACTAtek

-          Instruction in how to connect the Smartime to the ACTAtek

-          Instruction in how to connect the Door locks to the ACTAtek

-          Instruction in how to connect the external reader and external relay to the ACTAtek

-          Troubleshooting and problem resolution

Choose the Support Program for your needs:

At ACTAtek, we always provide the best possible service.  ACTAtek offers two levels of customer support service to deliver the right services scaled to your deployment and your technical resources.  Our ACTAtek come with 1 year standard support service.  We now add on the Enterprise level of support service which includes the advanced hardware replacement and remote desktop support.  That can maximize the uptime of the ACTAtek in case if there is any hardware failure.

Support Options

Standard Support Service (8x5)

Enterprise Support Service (24x7, 5 days support)

Product software upgrade



Phone call support



Email support



Hardware warranty (Please refer to the warranty card)



Software warranty (provide latest existing software for function enhancement)



Password recovery service



Remote desktop support for troubleshooting




Advanced hardware replacement (1 way courier charge is covered)




Request for report customization in Access Manager (with additional charge)




Free logo patch provided without minimum order requirement




Standard Support Service:

ACTAtek is providing 8x5 phone call and email support during normal working hours with a maximum of 24 hours response time.


Enterprise Support Service:

For the corporations that use ACTAtek solutions for door access / security purpose, Enterprise Support Service is important for them.  Our technical support staff can help to do troubleshooting via remote desktop service.  The advanced hardware replacement can maximize the uptime of the ACTAtek in case if there is any hardware failure.

Terms and Conditions:

ACTAtek customers must register online or via ACTAtek resellers.  Payment has to be done annually in advance.  All the registration is based on the ACTAtek Serial Number so that ACTAtek can keep track the support status by ACTAtek Serial Number.


If third party software is involved in the ACTAtek system, please let ACTAtek know so ACTAtek will consider the compatibility issue.

Purchase Order:

·         ACTAtek support Web registration of Service Agreement by Reseller at

·         End customer must provide ACTAtek Serial Number in order to do the quotation and support registration. (Click here for free quotation.)


Other Fees:

·         End customer must accept contract renewal within 60 days of contract expiration to avoid Contract Reinstatement Charge.

·         End customer must return ship advance replaced defective units at their own expense within 7 days of receipt of accounts receivable.   Replacement Fee equal to full RRP of the product will apply for any units not received by ACTAtek within 30 days of Return Materials Authorization (RMA) initiation.


End-customer Responsibilities:

·         Obtain RMA numbers from ACTAtek, package and ship according to instructions and timelines.

·         Pay for shipping to ACTAtek any defective parts under RMA procedures

·         Pay for any customs and duties associated with product RMA procedures

·         Endeavor to place all like ACTAtek products under agreement (all products at the same location should be at similar service levels).

·         Maintain personnel with adequate technical expertise and training to assist ACTAtek with troubleshooting and problem resolution.


Reseller Responsibilities:

If support program is sold by reseller, reseller has to register product and end customer information for all products to be supported under this Agreement at ACTAtek web registration page.  Exclusions:  This warranty does not cover replacement of products damaged by abuse, accident, misuse, neglect, repair, disaster, improper installation or improper testing.

Peter Huang,
3 Mar 2011, 23:22