The Oregon Science Startup Forum is a one-day course in science entrepreneurship, hosted by the Portland Section of the American Chemical Society

  • Hear the startup experiences of science entrepreneurs from around Oregon
  • Learn from investors, intellectual property lawyers and experts in turning science into businesses
  • Equip yourself with specific steps to start a successful science business

Date: April 22, 2017

Registration is open! CLICK HERE

Student/postdoc/unemployed registration: $30

General registration: $55

Sponsored by ONAMI (Oregon Nanoscience and Microtechnologies Institute), OTRADI (Oregon Translational Research and Development Institute), The Berglund Center at Pacific University, Chemical Abstracts Service, TCI AmericaWhite Summers Caffee & James, LLP, Vision 28AbSci LLC, PerkinElmer Informatics, ACS Oregon Section, Lab SpendThermo Fisher ScientificLompoc Brewing, Lemelson Vineyards, River's Edge Winery, Naked Winery, Blackbird Wine Shop and Chehalem Wines.

Steering committee: Jim Tung, Martha Dibblee, Aida Melendez, Dave Reingold, Scott Vanderwerf, Troy Wahl.

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