Welcome to ACSerial2Web

ACSerial2Web, short for AquaController Jr. serial interface to web, is a small application I wrote so I can monitor and control my AC jr. controller from anywhere on the internet, specifically from my mobile phone. The main objective of the application is to keep things simple, and make it cross platform. 

Got an AquaController Jr. and wish to upgrade to one of the more expensive controllers just to access your controller from the internet? Now you can access your AquaController Jr. from any browser on the internet or your web enabled cell phone, just like controllers that cost 3-5 times more do, and much more! Check out the Screen Shots section for a preview on what you can do with your AquaController Jr. Try it, and you will be turning your tank devices on and off from your cell phone even if you are right in front of your tank.

Version 1.5.1 update is now available.  This version includes a bug fix to support pH2 for AC2. It also supports displaying Aquasurf profiles in the status page, so instead of showing an unknown status, it will display the name of the Aquasurf profile that is running.

Version 1.5.0 is now the official latest version. This is probably going to be the last update. The main change in this version is support for streaming video to mobile phone browser using USB webcam. It streams jpeg picture at 2 frames per second to your phone. I have removed the support for ip webcam in this version.

Version 1.4.4 update is now available. If you have been getting serial disconnection error when setting up the program, then it is fixed in this version. I have also added the Remember Login option in the Setup page, since iPhone OS4 does not remember passwords anymore and requires you to login everytime the main page is opened. I have also tweaked the video stream to update once every minute now instead of 30 seconds.

Version 1.4 is now available for download. You can use USB Webcam to capture snapshot and video of your tank. I tested using a Creative Livecam (cost less than $20) on Windows. It should work with any USB webcam. Please report errors so I can fix it and update the program. Please refer to Webcam section of Documentation for more details. You can now add an icon to your iPhone  Home screen. Faster response time. I tested the response time to be about one second to switch a device on or off from my iPhone. Finally, if you know how to program in java, you can write your own Signature image generator. Contact me for details about this feature.

Version 1.3 is now available for download. This version contains minor changes to make the program run ore stable. The browser pages are scaled properly to iPhone and Blackberry display size. The "Restart if hung" option now works properly. Please report any problems by going to Contact page.

Version 1.1 Beta is now available for download.  This version contains several bug fixes and now installs as a windows service. Please refer to release notes for a complete list of changes for this version. Only Windows version is available for this version. Java 1.6 is required.

Version 1.0 is now available for download.  All reported bugs are now fixed.  Securely web enable your AC Jr. and AC II. Define macros (a.k.a. Feed mode)  with device active time less than a minute, and macros can be run on a schedule. Use any third party AC3 software like the iPhone app. New to 1.0, automatically configure port forwarding on your router using UPnP. See Port Forwarding using UPnP page for more info.

Attention Internet Explorer 8 Users. There is currently an issue using graph with IE8, where the chart does not update. The reason for this seems to be due to an "over eagerness" by IE8 to optimize performance by not reloading links in a page. When you click on the "<<" button for instance, all the parts of the new HTML page is updated except for chart.jpg. IE8 assumes that it is the same jpg image as before and does not retrieve the new image (you can confirm this by looking at the acs2w screen, a call to GET graph is usually followed by a call to GET chart.jpg, but with IE8, the GET chart.jpg never occurs). This is not a problem with FireFox or Safari (yes, there is Safari for Windows).

Screen shots and documentation are not up to date with the current version. I will update them as soon as I get the chance. I will be unavailable until after Ju,y 6 and may not be able to reply to your emails immediately.

My setup uses a serial cable I wired myself and uses the IO pins on an ATO float switch. The DB9 connector is then connected to an IOGear GBS301 Bluetooth to Serial Adapter. This is then linked to an IO Gear USB dongle (model GBU321 CLASS 1 bluetooth) to an Ubuntu 8.1 Linux box running this program. I then have my router setup to forward connections on the http port to my Linux box.

Thanks for looking at this site and I hope that you will find the software useful.

If You need Help with Setup

Please go to the Contact page and send me a note with your valid email address so I can reply. Remote access support via TeamViewer is also available. 


  • New in version 1.4, USB Webcam support. Add a cheap USB webcam to capture snapshot and 15 second videos of your tank. A valuable feature to add to your tank monitoring system. Email alert can also include a picture attachment of your tank.
  • Web enables AquaController Jr. economically, all you need is a computer  to install the software on that runs when you want to have remote access, and a serial (wired or bluetooth wireless) connection from the AquaController Jr. to the computer.
  • Simple, intuitive user interface.
  • Allows email alert. Will send an email when the designated ALERT device state is ON. Email supports login authentication and SSL. You can now send email via Gmail or other mail servers that require SSL.
  • Attach a picture of your tank to your email alert.
  • Displays graph of your temperature and pH from your data log. The limit of AquaController jr. is 340 records. I suggest setting the log interval to 15 minutes, as this will give you about three and a half days worth of graph. The program will store the data in file, so you can extend the number of days of the graph beyond the capacity of the controller.
  • Program should work on any platform that supports Java 1.5 or later, and rxtx.org serial library (currently supports all Windows 32 and 64 bit operating systems, Linux, Mac OSX, Sun Solaris).
  • Program is packaged professionally with an installer and uninstaller.
  • Access to program is protected by basic HTTP username and password authentication.
  • Administrator page allows for graceful shutdown of the application, displays log files in a browser page, and many more features to be added. For security reasons, the Administrator page is only accessible from a browser running on the same machine as the program.
  • Data file saved in plain text format for easy importing to your own application.
  • ACSerial2Web is accessible via Google Gadget. Add the Google Gadget to your iGoogle home page, and see your reef tank status anywhere you login to your iGoogle home page.
  • Status page and web cam page refresh automatically on HTML browsers.
  • Status only (read only) mode to prevent inadvertent setting devices to incorrect states.
  • View the ACSerial2Web page as a Windows Vista Gadget using the minibrowser vista gadget. http://www.minibrowser.info/ Go to Screenshot page for more details.
  • New in 0.95b, show your controller status in your message board signature. Message board must support [IMG] tag for signature. Refresh this page after a minute and you will see the values of the jpeg image below is updated in real time. If there is no image below, it means my server is down.
  • New in 0.96b. Added automatic port detection. ACSerial2Web will now automatically find which port the AquaController is connected.
  • Works with AquaController Jr. with no ph probe installed.
  • New in 0.97b. Added support for Aquacontroller II.
  • New in 0.98b. Added Scheduleable Macros and Aquacontroller 3 application support (www.reefchat.org generated signature banner shown below). Auto refresh of pages now work on WAP browsers.

  • New in 0.99b. Display remaining time for running macros, running macros are reset if program is shutdown, backup your controller timers and programs from the Admin page, mini web server for serving static html pages,  additional support for AC3 webserver services.

Standard Legal Disclaimer

Please refer to the end user license agreement in the installer for the full disclaimer text.

Contents of this site, program code, concepts, and user interfaces are copyright 2009 and beyond by Jerry Sy. Unauthorized copying prohibited, please request permission if you want to use any copyrighted content. Aquacontroller Jr. AquaController III, AquaNotes are trademarked and copyrighted by Neptune Systems.