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Every Student Succeeding

Nominations must be submitted to your region. Check with region president for due date. Region presidents must forward recipient information to state ACSA by March. Each year, ACSA honors students at all grade levels that have succeeded, against all odds, beyond expectations or simply won the hearts of the administrators and other educators who helped them achieve their goals.
Louie Lingard (2014)

Zane Middle School (Eureka City Schools) Principal Jan Schmidt learned how bright and capable Louie Lingard
is in 2009, when he was a fourth-grader at Lafayette Elementary School. Schmidt was his principal then, as she is now.

Louie was born with many health issues, including congenital myopathy, thoracic scoliosis and bilateral club feet. He walks with braces on both legs and pulls his backpack behind him. He recently had tendon transfers in both hands to prevent his fingers from curling under. Louie could have easily become the target of bullying, but instead his fellow students rally around him. He is flourishing in middle school, making new friends and even serving as an assistant to the seventh grade girls basketball team. He strives to do his best in school, earning As and Bs and a place on the honor roll.

“Louie is a delightful human being with a smile that lights up not only the room, but the entire universe,” Schmidt said.

Evelyn Bruen (2013)

Evelyn Bruen is a 12th grade student at Modoc High School who has autism. When Evelyn started high school as a freshman, she was shy and seldom spoke in class or asked for assistance. During the past four years, she has blossomed into an assertive young lady who is willing to speak her mind.

While Evelyn may struggle with school work, she endures without complaint, never asking for or expecting any modification. Certain assignments may take her longer to complete, but Evelyn does not give up. She accepts difficult tasks as a challenge and takes it on willingly. During the past four years, Evelyn has explored a variety of classes and discovered new talents. She has developed a serious enthusiasm for cooking.

Evelyn is a poised and thoughtful young adult. She wants to pursue a career in the culinary field and plans to continue her education after high school. Although she hasn't yet decided on a specific school, Evelyn completed the local scholarship application and is considering various options. This is a realistic goal for Evelyn, and she has the perseverance to make her dreams come true.

Roy Aaron (2012)

Roy Aaron, a 13th grade student from Red Bluff High in Red Bluff Joint Union HSD. Support team: Judy and Rick Spencer, Aaron Sanders, Ken Johnson, Matt Pritchard.

Shayla Petit (2011)

Shayla Petit’s amazing work ethic will take her far in life. Since second grade in Freshwater School District, the Resource Specialist Program and Title 1 support Shayla received have helped her shine despite struggles with reading and writing. She plans ahead and devotes extra time to complete multiple drafts of her work, and can now produce very polished essays. 

Shayla thrives under the emotional safety at the smaller Six Rivers High, where she enjoys the nurturing support of school leaders, teachers and staff. She has benefited from program modifications and is not afraid to seek knowledge from others. Last year, as a ninth-grader, she managed to get almost straight A’s. 

In addition, she has shown a remarkable poise and capacity to manage even the toughest situations, including the death of her mother in the summer of 2010. Her ability to advocate for herself and take the initiative at school has helped her rise above circumstances to become an excellent partner in her own learning. 

ACSA is proud to honor Shayla Petit and her Region 1 educational support team.

Israel Garcia (2009)

Israel Garcia is a model for why alternative education exists. He was overcome by adversity and headed for a life of crime before entering a group home in Susanville and attending the Community Day School in Lassen Union High School District. 

With the help of a nurturing but disciplined environment provided by Charlotte Klinock at CDS, and supported by his new guardian, Israel began to realize consistent achievement. That success allowed him to transfer to Credence High, the district’s continuation school, from which he graduated June 20. Only a few credits prevented him from graduating at Lassen High. 

Alternative Education Principal Brett Mitchell said the team approach to keeping students involved in education led to Israel’s recovery and success at CDS. That allowed him to thrive in the less invasive environment of Credence. Israel’s success earned him more and more freedom, until he eventually enjoyed the absolute trust of his teachers and administrators. 

ACSA congratulates Israel Garcia and the Region 1 support team that selected him for this award.
Brandon Sell (2008)

Brandon Sell recently graduated from Lassen High School, but his journey to graduation was anything but easy.

At the end of his freshman year he had already fallen behind in academic credits. He was dealing with unresolved anger issues resulting in disciplinary referrals. He needed to transfer to the district’s continuation high school to get back on track academically.

While at Credence Continuation High, he worked with principal Brett Mitchell on his anger issues. Brandon also moved in with a friend and his mother to gain a more supportive structure, an arrangement that continues to this day.

After two years at Credence High, Brandon transferred back to Lassen High, and educators there were amazed at his transformation. The former angry young man wore a smile on his face and comported himself with a newfound sense of self-esteem and maturity. He attended a biology field trip he’d missed out on as a sophomore and threw a LAN Party for his ROP Computer Maintenance Class for his senior project presentation.

Brandon said he planned to attend a tech school this fall, marking his high school journey as a rousing success. ACSA is proud to recognize Brandon Sell and the Region 1 support team that selected him for this award.

John Lowry (2007)

John Lowry, who has autism, is renowned in the Modoc Joint Unified School District for his great sense of humor and for his sense of compassion. One way John shows this compassion is in his work at the local food bank and at the Four Corner’s Market, where he stocks shelves and fills food baskets for the needy. 

He also recently began a job at Black Bear Restaurant as a greeter. John takes that same energetic approach to his school life. He has been in charge of delivering the bulletins to all classrooms and works with his school’s Natural Resources Academy recycling program. He has also sold ads for the yearbook and has been active in sports, helping set up the gym for athletic events and serving as an assistant for the girls’ basketball team. 

In addition he joined the Modoc High School track team and learned how to throw the shot put. ACSA is proud to recognize John Lowry and the Region 1 support team that selected him for this award.