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                                             Affordable Computer’s

& Affordable Guitar’s

Booth 5.  8th Ave East

Pendergrass Flea Market.

5641 U. S. Highway 129 N

Pendergrass, GA. 30567

Sat  &  Sun   9 AM – 6 PM





I will look at your computer free.  

I will tell you what is wrong with it free.

Repairs that don't need parts are $50.00, or less.


    All of the Computers I sell have genuine Microsoft Windows Operating Systems installed on them.

You will never see a screen that says this copy of windows may not be genuine.

   All of my computers have Microsoft Office not a demo you have to activate it is an activated full working version

   I install 4 Different Media players, Adobe Flash, Adobe P D F Creator, Adobe Reader, Adobe shockwave player, Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox,  and I do all of the java and Windows updates.   If the computer has a CD / DVD Burner I install Image Burn, and CD Burner XP.   Last I Install Windows Defender,  to protect the computer from Virus.

    It takes a lot of time to do a computer this way so my computers cost a little more.

   When my customer takes it home everything works.

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     You are probably thinking why would I Bring my computer to A Flea Market to get it repaired.

     It is because you can get a better and more complete repair for a lower price.
     I will look at your computer, and tell you what is wrong with it free. Repairs that don't need parts are $50.00, or less.
    The lower operating cost of working fewer hours at a low rent location allows me to do a better and much more complete job of restoring your Software at a lower price.

    Let me explain it for you.
    Weather you go to a small computer Shop that is open about 48 hours a week, or to a mass merchant with big stores all over the country, that is open over 60 hours a week.
   Working employees for those hours, and having to pay them for working those hours is an Operating Expense.

   The cost of the store weather they buy or rent is an Operating Expense.

    Utilities Electricity, Water, Phone, credit Card processing and Security are all Operating Expenses.

    All of this Operating Expenses add up to a lot of money, and that cost has to be passed on to you their customer.

   Our stores are open  2 Days 6 hrs a day that's 12 hours A week

    I pay myself, and my small rent by selling Things at the  

Flea Market.

  There is no additional cost to pass on to you. All you pay

for is the time I spend doing your repair.

    I buy; Repair, Sell, and trade used Computers, Guitars,

 and Laptops.

    So bring your broken computer, and Get it repaired, sell it,

 trade it in. Or do nothing you decide what to do after you 

find out what  is wrong with your computer. You have nothing
to lose but time.

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 At Affordable Computer Services We do Virus removal, 

Laptop Screen Replacement


  Affordable Computer Service can reinstall your Windows XP,  Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 Operating System,  Office, and Anti Virus. Using the license on your computer and the serial numbers saved in your hard drive.

  Affordable Computer Service is also able to save your pictures, movies, and music.

  I provide friendly, reliable local Repair Service

for Windows type Computers and Laptop’s.

 Please come in for a Free Repair Estimate or

 to learn more about our other products, and


  At Affordable Computer Service I will work one

 on one with you to ensure your complete


   All of our services are tailored to meet the

 individual requirements of our customers.

I am the most Affordable at Computer Repair in GA.

 Just come see me you won't be disappointed.

 come on in for A Free Estimate

 If you don’t want it fixed no charge.