Microsoft Picture It Photo Editing Software

microsoft picture it photo editing software
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  • Microsoft Picture It! is a discontinued photo editing application created by Microsoft. Version 1.0 was released in September 1996. Borrowing from the wizard user interface concepts of Microsoft Publisher, Picture It! was geared to make digital imaging easy for consumers.
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microsoft picture it photo editing software - Microsoft Digital
Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006 [Old Version]
Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006 [Old Version]
Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006 brings together all the sophisticated tools you need to organize, enhance, create, and share your digital photos. Digital Image Suite offers powerful tools that are intuitive and easy to use no matter what your skill level. It’s the complete photo solution that grows with you.

Whether you're a beginner or a pro, Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006 will give you the powerful digital photography tools you need to take the perfect shot. And once your camera work is done, new and easy-to-use features will help you organize, creatively enhance and share your pictures with the world. As your passion for great photography grows, Digital Image Suite gives you exactly what you need to bring your vision to life.

Get powerful digital photography tools and perfect your shots -- whether you're a beginner or a pro.

Stitch images together seamlessly to create a breathtaking panorama.

The Digital Image Library makes finding pictures and videos fast and easy. View larger.

Use the Levels Auto Fix to change the levels and curves of your photos. View larger.
Instantly Organize and Archive Your Photos
Imagine having every picture you've ever taken or received from a friend accessible in an instant. Digital Image Suite lets you retrieve any picture by searching your collection by date, subject, size, keyword, 5-star rating and more. You can keep your memories safe on CD, DVD or other formats, organized so you'll always know exactly where to find the shots you want. The Digital Image Library makes finding pictures and videos fast and easy. For ultra convenience, Digital Image Suite lets you flag your photos for later printing, sharing, or editing.
Make Good Pictures Look Great
If your shot is almost perfect, but you're not quite sure how to finish it, use easy one-click Auto-Fixes to correct exposure, color and issues common to digital and phone cameras. Create gallery-ready shots with easy tools to fix red eye, reduce digital glitches, and snip out unwanted background objects. You can even sharpen your pictures to perfection using pro-level features that permit detailed level and curve adjustments. Digital Image Suite even allows you to create unique panoramas automatically by stitching together any number of shots.
But taking great shots and improving them are just the beginning. With over 5,000 built-in images and templates, you can turn your photo into greeting cards, calendars, and collages -- just about anything you can imagine. You can also turn your images into moving video slide shows viewable by anyone with Photo Story 3, using music, narration and transitions to show off your memories in style.
Digital Image Suite works well with others. With it you can load your shots quickly from virtually any source: digital cameras, scanners, cell phones, digital memory cards and many other devices. To hang onto your memories in the way that you want, the software lets you save and print photos and projects in the right size and format for your needs. And Digital Image Suite turns the world into your gallery instantly; you can show off your favorites to friends, family and anyone else instantly via e-mail, cell phone, PDA or the Web.

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This is straight out of the scanner. I think it may be the result of trying to scan in 48 bit color mode using some real old (1998) photo editing software (Microsoft Picture-It) that does not support 48 bits. I'm just speculating.
Beach volleyball scene, edited
Beach volleyball scene, edited
Erased the trash can and the three guys walking behind the girls that were in the previous picture. Much improved photo now. Didn't use photoshop, but did use Microsoft's Digital Image software. It did the job pretty well.

microsoft picture it photo editing software
microsoft picture it photo editing software
Microsoft Graphics Studio: Picture It! 99
Features include the ability to organize all your pictures. Fixing red eye, scratches, wrinkles is simple and straightforward. Special effects, edges, mats,frames can all be added easily. The paint and color effects are more sophisticated than expected for such an easy to use software. The second disk (which can be installed on the hard drive to avoid disk swapping) has thousands of images to help your creativity along. Capture your photo from any source: digital camera, scanner, floppy disk, or the Internet. Then get creative! It's easy - Picture It! 99 guides you through every step and gives you hundreds of graphic elements to play with: photos, frames, backgrounds, textures, and more. ??Make it better... Crop, cut, rotate, or flip photos. Create cool collages. Easily edit out anything from red eye to telephone wires. Touch up all or part of any photo. Restore old photos by repairing scratches, tears, and dust. Or add stamps, paint, special effects or fancy text. Then show it and share it! After fixing and enhancing your photos, use more than 700 backgrounds and clip art, 60 text fonts, and 400 templates to create cards, calendars, and much more. No design expertise necessary. Wizards and smart tools make it easy for novice to advanced users to be instantly creative. Create high quality photo greeting cards, magazine covers, sports trading cards, business cards, flyers, collages and more...