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Day of Grouponing in Nashville!
Day of Grouponing in Nashville!
Hello! Some friends and I had an entire day of Grouponing on Saturday, December 17th! We take our Groupons very seriously, as you can see in the pictures. From the top left, A holds our Groupon to Edgehill Cafe in Nashville, TN, a local hipster coffee shop that we wouldn't have known about without Groupon. Below you can see our yummy lunches and our receipt showing that our total came to $0 thanks to our Groupon. Back to the top and I'm holding my year long membership card and "Friend Groupon" guest membership card for the Frist Center for Visual Arts, Nashville's classiest art museum. I purchased the membership with a Groupon and have been reaping free parking, guest passes and free entry to their special exhibits ever since. So of course we went after lunch at Edgehill Cafe. You can see our delight in the bottom right corner photo. The bottom left and middle photos are of T and S checking out that day's Groupon for different cities on T's moblie Groupon app. T gets pretty excited about his growing stash of Groupons; S is a little worried he's addicted. After that, we headed over to Whitfield's, a fine dining piano bar and restaurant that would have been out of our price range sans Groupon. We had a fantastic dinner and were so distracted by how good it was and how much money we saved that we didn't notice the waitress clear our Groupon away. We did remember to snag a picture outside the restaurant, though. You can see all three of the Groupons used that day at the bottom of the collage. Triple Groupon Day success! Thanks so much for giving us a day we never would have had! I'm looking forward to planning Groupon weekends in the future! Allison P. tags; groupon grouponfun nashville daily deal website shopping
photo montage collage
photo montage collage
Project Name: Photo Montage Collage Design: What I did with this collage was I put the bigger picture of Mia Hamm as a background then i went online and looked through some of her images and I erased most of the things around her and i rotated some of them to make it fit better. I used a lot of free transform on all the smaller pictures. I switched the side of some of the pictures so they would be facing somewhere else. Thought: I liked this collage a lot better then from the first time I made a collage it seemed easier with everything I've learned.

free online photo collage