Wholesale Floral Glassware

wholesale floral glassware
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  • The glass is an important part of enjoying beer. You don’t really need to buy every glass on display at your local Bevmo, but a nice selection of weizen glasses, pint glasses, goblets, etc., can definitely enhance your drinking experience.
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wholesale floral glassware - Libbey 16-Piece
Libbey 16-Piece Imperial Glassware Set
Libbey 16-Piece Imperial Glassware Set
These pretty textured glasses can be dressed up or not. Always a glass with style. This set is perfect as a bridal registry set and makes a wonderful gift for someone setting up a household.

Ideal for stylish entertaining, this set of 16 matching glasses equips a bar to serve many cold drinks, from Scotch on the rocks to mint juleps. The set consists of eight tall, 18-ounce cooler glasses and eight short, 13-ounce double old-fashioned glasses in Libbey's contemporary Imperial pattern. Made of medium-thick glass, the glasses have slender, raised flutings that rise from the four corners of the bases. The 6-3/4-inch cooler glasses measure 2-7/8 inches in diameter at the tops, flare in the middle, and taper slightly to 2-1/8 inches square at the bottoms. The 2-5/8-inch double old-fashioned glasses measure 3-1/2 inches in diameter at the tops, also flare in the middle, and taper slightly to 2-3/4 inches square at the bottoms. The glasses are durable and dishwasher-safe. --Fred Brack

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Glassware 2
Glassware 2
Glassware shot with a Fuji S5 (I think) or is it an S3?? Dunno. It wasn't mine! It renders very nice graduated tones and was pretty sharp, i'd have one! I like how this shot looks like a reflection until you realise the bottom glass is different!
I scored this awesome collection of laboratoy glassware surplus! It was going to be trashed, if you can believe it. Anyone have any suggestions what to do with it? No, I am NOT starting a meth lab!

wholesale floral glassware