Unfinished Wood Table Legs

unfinished wood table legs
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table stain
table stain
Choosing a stain for the luan that will match oiled teak. This strip of wood shows unfinished, tung-oil finish, colonial maple stain going from left to right. The teak wood leg is just beyond for a color comparison. The colonial maple looks close and two coats ought to match the oiled teak finish. Luan was chosen because it has a similar grain structure as the teak, is very hard and because it was cheaply available.
Various camp bits
Various camp bits
The red parts are table legs; the unfinished parts in the foreground are Evan's bed. The table legs lean up against a panel of uncut table leg braces, which in turn rest against a plywood table top. Two more plywood table tops are to the left behind the mitre saw. The plywood table tops are functional only - they'll be covered with table cloths for dining, and replaced with wood panels when feasable.

unfinished wood table legs
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