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Round Pub Table Set

round pub table set
    pub table
  • Any table that is 42" High (Standard Table height is 30")
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Twin Fiddles
Twin Fiddles
I've finally got round to setting up my scanner, so I can put some of my old pre-digital photos on to the computer. This is one of my favourites - also the only photo I've ever yet sold a copy of. Two violins resting on a table during a session at a pub in Doolin, County Clare, Ireland, in February 2001. The one on the left is mine. I can't remember most of the technical details, but it was shot on black & white film (Ilford HP5+ pushed to ISO800), almost certainly using a 50mm lens close to maximum aperture (f/2 or thereabouts). I did all my own developing and processing. The scan is from a 10x8" print.
mefites of the round table
mefites of the round table
So we ended up at this big round table in the corner of the Pub, because when we walked in reservationless we just said "there's gonna a be a bunch of us", and it was open. The waitstaff wasn't super inclined to fetch extra stools away from the bar once we filled up the table -- the whole place was busy, I suppose they wanted folks to be at the bar ordering booze -- so we did a sort of musical chairs routine, different folks wandering around the table. It'd be an awesome setting for a meetup if the joint wasn't so popular and thus not ridiculously loud.

round pub table set
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