Submit donations, and maybe get a gift out of it too.

This is what you can expect for Delta as for Donation gear etc. But it means nothing currently.



We'll be using paypall.

You can submit a donation just for the hell of it if you want, but if you want to get some quick stuff done, like leveling, items, etc. Here's how you do it:

1.) When you pay money through PayPal, you get a ticket with a bunch of random numbers. SAVE THOSE NUMBERS!!.

2.) Submit the ticket to me, the owner at and I'll go a head and verify that this is a valid ticket.

3.) When I do, and if it is indeed valid, I will e-mail you back with the amount of money submitted. If there are mutliple items on the list that require that amount of money, I will list them in the e-mail for you to choose.

4.) You write back with the item(s) chosen (if I happened to not list something, or you wanted multiples of a less expensive item, just let me know and I'll fix that.) And then next time you log in, all that good stuff will come true! (I may need to private message you with specific instructions on what to do to receive that item(s).)

5.) This is why you want to save that number: if, for some reason, you lose the item(s) you had and suppose the time on it had not ran out, e-mail me explaining this (this will probably happen on a server-set back) and submit your ticket number to me again and I'll go a head and fix it!


Here's a list of products to buy.

Donator Weapon (non-class specific/not usable in arenas): $5

Donator Weapon (class specific/non-arena): $5.50

Donator Weapon (non-class specific/special arena only): $6

Donator Weapon (Class specific/special arena only): $7

Donator Helm (non-arena): $3

Donator Helm (special arena): $3.50

Donator Armor (non-class specific/non-arena): $4

Donator Armor (class specific/non-arena): $4.50

Donator Armor (non-class specific/S.A. only): $4.50

Donator Armor (class specific/S.A. only): $5.00


Gain levels 1-10: $2.00

Gain levels 1-20: $3.00

Gain levels 1-30: $3.75

Gain levels 1-40: $5.00

Gain levels 1-50: $6.00

Gain levels 1-60: $7.50

Gain levels 1-70: $10.00

Gain levels 1-80: $11.00

Gain levels 1-90: $13.00

Gain levels 1-100: $15.00

Gain levels 10-20: $1.75

Gain levels 20-30: $2.50

Gain levels 30-40: $3.75

Gain levels 40-50: $5.00

Gain levels 50-60: $5.50

Gain Levels 60-70: $6.75

Gain Levels 70-80: $8.00

Gain Levels 80-90: $9.00

Gain Levels 90-100: $10.00

(If you want to get specific like 1-11, e-mail me with details.)


Random Sprite Change: $1.00

(don't worry, I won't be chincy and pick a stupid looking one, if you really hate it I'll try something else.)

Specific Sprite Change: $2.00

(When I e-mail you back, I'll give you a sprite sheet and you pick which one you want.)


10,000 gold: $1.00

25,000 gold: $2.50

50,000 gold: $3.50

100,000 gold: $5.00

(If you want to get specific like 8,129 gold, e-mail me with details.)


Account Name Change: $4.00

(Tell me what account name you want.)

Character Name Change: $2.00

(Tell me what the current name is and the name you want.)


Starter Class Change (Warrior to a Mage, etc.): $5.00

Upgrade 1 class Change (Hero to a Magi, etc.): $7.50

Upgrade 2 Class Change (Paladin to a Arc Magi, etc.): $10.00

Upgrade 3 Class Change (Rider to a Alchemist, etc.): $15.00

Upgrade to Class 1 (Warrior to a Hero, etc.): $3.50

Upgrade to Class 2 (Hero to a Paladin, etc.): $7.00

Upgrade to Class 3 (Paladin to a Rider, etc.): $12.50

(By the way, these are spoilers for POSSIBLE upcoming things, don't buy them now because I can't refund ((paypal won't let me)) and I can't give you a class that currently does not exist!)


24 Hour Moderator Pass: $5.00

3 Day Moderator Pass: $12.50

24 Hour Developer Pass: $9.75

3 Day Developer Pass: $16.00

24 Hour Admin Pass: $15.00

3 Day Admin Pass: $25.00

(Ya, that's right, all the power of an admin for 3 whole days! But there are rules, for more specifics e-mail me. Specifics as in, does the time only count for when I'm online? Or rules for these, or more or less time. Like say you wanted to be an Admin for a week, what would that cost?)


These are what you can get so far... now we just need a paypall access so we can get this show on the road.