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Okay, we did a TOTAL re-amp for ACsT.

Currently we have a working server and a small running client. It will not be available for public use for some time though unfortunatley. We have the base for it using an Engine to run it, and then we have a fool-proof Delta Client running from a compiler (wich is what big companies use i.e.: World of Warcraft, Maple Story, etc)

The Delta Client will not be available for beta use untill around Summer 2009 or possibly later. A decent server for Delta will cost me around $200 a month, so I might just have to use my own ISP for a server (don't bother if you don't know what an ISP is). But with Delta you can expect MUCH more: better quality, smoother gameplay, larger game. The whole shabang will be in it.

ACsT Beta will run on a trusted Engine to play and will be quite a downgrade, but untill Delta is released for Beta, I would like to use Beta as kinda of a base, if I don't get much support for Beta then I will most likely drop Delta. Although I would much not like to, it will be my only option.

Wish me luck. =3