Background Biography - Elchanan Rotstain

Founder Search3w (Acroterion Software Architecture Ltd.)

Elchanan Rotstain is one the world’s leading search theorists who does not work for either Google, Yahoo or Bing. He has developed a Search Engine Program that is one of the most advanced search technologies in the world. Acroterion is a certified supplier to the United Nations and Government of Canada. Our products & services has been recognized for its high quality and customer satisfaction.

Here are a few details about Elchanan

  • He is an internationally acclaimed search engines expert who some years ago became known as “The Search Engine Doctor" and a guest speaker at UofA School of Business and MacEwan University.          
  • In the late 1980’s, awarded a research grant at the Weizmann Institute of Science. The Weizmann Institute of Science is internationally recognized for its research   in the study of leading questions in mathematics and computer science.  The institute has a society in Canada with offices in Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal.
  • Until 2000, Elchanan served in the reserve army as an intelligence application architect at an audit unit of 8200 (Yehida Shmoneh Matayim). This unit is similar to the I2WD "Intelligence and Information Warfare" in USA.
  • His research resulted in the authorship of a voluminous University thesis about search methodologies. 
  • Elchanan’s expertise as an Applications Architect, Systems Analyst, programmer and Google Engineer has resulted in prestigious awards including an award for “outstanding systems analyst” in the use of Object Oriented Methodologies.  He currently sits on the SEMPO Search Engines Research committee.  He is a former member of the International Languages Chamber of Microsoft and a tester of .NET beta systems.
  • In 2001 founded Acroterion Inc. At the request of friends and their referrals, who knew of his internet, computer knowledge and expertise, Elchanan mastered the Google search engine and developed a business in that field. 
  • In 2008 Acroterion was  named Top 30 SEO firms by SEMPO.
  • It was Elchanan assessment that traditional search methodologies were labor intensive , inefficient and that in many cases these methodologies were incomplete and would not allow search engine spider-bots – the mathematics of search to be able to analyze and evaluate all  of the content in website. 
  • Elchanan took it upon himself to develop a software programme that has become a web publishing content management tool that would replace traditional search methodologies. That software is known by the brand name D2S.
  • In 2014 Elchanan capture new crawler (spider) project to receive major Science R&D grant by the Government of Canada
  • Elchanan continues to refine and expand this Search Engine tools so that today it achieves much more than it was originally thought possible.
  • This year, Acroterion is developing the CQS - Content Quality Score product. It calculates 12 factors to determine a quality of web page or piece of text. It based on machine learning system to verify the score CQS is marking. We are now developing a theme checker, content "mood" signals, writer accreditation check and social signals of any provided content.