Faculty Designation & Department

Dr. R.Rajendran


Faculty of Agronomy

Specialization: Rice Crop establishment & Nutrient Management, SRI, Site Specific Nutrient Mangement(SSNM),Direct seeded rice (DSR) ,Oil Palm Crop Management and Pulses Production technology

Email: deanagrithm@tnau.ac.in

 Ph: 9443421207  

Dr. K. Annadurai Ph.D.,


Specialization: Soil fertility and  Irrigation Agronomy

Email: annadurai2006@gmail.com

Ph: 9442179075

Dr. P.G.Lavanya, Ph.D.,


Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry

Specialization: Soil reclamation

Email: lavanyapgster@gmail.com

Ph: 9444183791

Name: Dr.C.Sivakumar, Ph.D

 Designation:  Associate Professor (Agronomy)

 Specialization: Weed Management ,IFS ,Direct seeded rice and Transplanted redgram 

 E-mail ID: sivachi15@yahoo.co.in

 Mobile: +91- 9443637676


Name: Dr.R.Thangapandian, M.Sc.(Agri), Ph.D

 Designation:  Associate Professor (Plant Breeding &Genetics)

 Specialization: Breeding for stress tolerance & Mutation Breeding  

 E-mail ID: ricetha@gmail.com

Mobile: +91- 96886 94157


Name: Dr.R.KALPANA , Ph.D

Designation:  Associate Professor (Agronomy)

 Specialization: Dryland Agriculture

 E-mail ID: kalpana@tnau.ac.in

 Mobile: 91- 9443743304

Dr. K. Thirukumaran

Assistant professor


Specialization: Water management

 Email: drkthiru@gmail.com

 Ph: 98425 62975

Dr. S. Anbumani

Assistant Professor


Specialization: Irrigation Agronomy and Weed science

Email: anbuagro2011@gmail.com

Ph: 9443402858

Dr. M. Antony Joseph Ravi Savery

Assistant Professor

Crop Physiology

Specialization: Nutrio-Physiology

Sugarcane – Abiotic Stress Physiology

Email: josephsavery@yahoo.co.in

Ph: 94890 29130 

 Dr. M. Sivaprakash,

Assistant Professor


Specialization: Forestry – Silviculture and Agroforestry

Email: sibisiva@rediffmail.com

Ph: 9865303506

Dr. A. Krishnaveni,

Assistant Professor

Environmental Science

Specialization: Bioremediation, Phytoremediation

Solid waste management

 Email: venikrishna25@yahoo.co.in

 Ph: 8754378908

Dr. R. Balaji

Assistant Professor

Agri Buisness Management

Specialization: Human Resources Management,

Agri Business Development

Email: balajimbahr@gmail.com

Ph: 9487879905

Dr. M. Sankar

Assistant Librarian

Specialization: Academic Library systems, Users Study and Scientometrics.

Email: sankar_tnaulib2@yahoo.com

Ph: 9865260616




 Designation : Assistant Professor (Agricultural Entomology)

 Specialization : Acari-Taxonomy, Biodiversity

 Mobile: 99525 17010

 Email : drvradhakrishnan@gmail.com


Name: Dr.A.PUNITHA, Ph.D

 Designation: Assistant Professor (Horticulture)

 Specialization: Floriculture

 E-mail ID: punithmdu@gmail.com

Mobile: +91- 9443720439

Assistant Professor

Seed Science and Technology

Specialization: Seed production, Seed storage, Mid storage correction

Email: yogarajasekar@gmail.com

Ph: 9003041169

Dr. E. Jamuna

Assistant professor,

Agricultural Microbiology

Specialization: Fermentation Technology & Bioremediation

Email: drjamuna@gmail.com

Ph: 9791547427 


Dr. S. Krishnakumar

Assistant professor,

Soil Science& Agricultural Chemistry

Specialization: Soil nutrient management. Long term effect of biochar on soil health. Organic farming in rice

Email: drkrishnakumar76@gmail.com

 Ph: 98652 87851



 Dr. K.R.V. Sathya Sheela

Assistant professor,

Plant Breeding & Genetics

Specialization: Maize & Rice Breeding

Email: sathyakrv@yahoo.co.in

 Ph: 8903226693


Dr. S. Geethanjali

Assistant professor


Specialization: Enzymology

Email: geethubiochem@gmail.com

Ph: 9994157056


 Dr. K. Govindan,

Assistant professor

Agricultural Entomology

Specialization: Storage Entomology  and Insecticide Toxicology 

Email: govindan_nivesh@yahoo.co.in

Ph: 9942279190

Dr. N. Kiruthika

Assistant Professor

Agricultural Economics

Specialization: Natural Resource Economics and Impact Assessment

Email: kiruthikaa.natarajan@gmail.com



Dr. R. Mythili

Assistant professor,

Bio energy

Specialization: Liquid biofuel

Email: mythilili_sao@yahoo.in

Ph: 9543753795



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