Who is ARIA?

The Airconditioning & Refrigeration Industry Association (ARIA) is a membership Association primarily made up of companies, professionals and students from the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (ACR) Sector of Trinidad and Tobago and its Associates.  Its offices are located at #13 Fifth Street, San Juan. 


When was it established?

ARIA was formed in 1998, incorporated on January 26, 1999 and launched on February 14, 1999 under the patronage of the Environmental Management Authority (EMA), The United Nations (UN), guidance of the Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers Association (TTMA) and the Ministry of Trade and Industry.  The launch was attended by Government Ministers Mr. Mervyn Assam and Mr. Trevor Sudama and other invited guests.


ARIA’s Mission and Objective:

Our mission statement is

"To Promote Professionalism, Integrity And Environmental Awareness In The Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Industry". 

Our objectives are:

 1.   To bring respect to the profession by uplifting its standards through regulatory means whilst preserving and protecting the environment in which we live.

2.   To provide technical assistance to the community and industry.

3.   To provide a forum where grievance matters can be lodged and dealt with.