Acquired Minds: Blog Mechanics Guide
Don't know how to use the features around the blog?...

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Don't worry, not everyone knows how to get around a blog.  The 21st Century is a lot more confusing than it seems -scratches head-.  But hey, this is exactly what this info-page is going to help you with.  If you're not sure what that little arrow is supposed to do, or where that link is supposed to lead, it will all be compiled here.

>>> #1. Reading from One Acquired Mind <<<

There are actually two ways if you want to read from one specific Acquired Mind:

   1.)  Use the Quick Search Code.  After each Acquired Minds article, there should be a code that reads "am(insert name)".  Click on that code to read all of the articles/posts from that person.

   2.)  Type their name into the Search Box.  At the top of the right sidebar, there should be a special search box for the blog:

Type the name of the Acquired Mind into the box, and search.  A whole list of articles by that person will be shown to you.  Note: We recommend using this Search Box than the one at the top of the page.

>>> #2.Exploring the Archives <<<

The blog's archives can get a bit difficult to maneuver around, although with the right instructions and clicking, you'll be able to browse all of our past articles with ease.  The following is a diagram:

    (1) - This is the year in which the months listed below were located in.  To view the entire year's articles in one page, click on this.  Load Warning: Dial-up users (or anyone with slow internet) should not click this!

    (2) - This is the name of the article.  Click this to view that article.

    (3) - This is the collapse/expand arrow.  When it is currently pointing to the right (as shown above), that month's articles will be collapsed, and it won't be shown.  If you would like to expand the month, click this arrow.  It will then point down, and the articles will be shown.  The same principles apply for the year--if you would like to view/collapse the months, just click the arrow next to the year.

    (4) - This number shows the total number of articles contained within that month.

    (5) - This is the name of the month.  Click this to view that month's entire list of articles on one single page (same function as #1).  Load Warning:  Dial-up users (or anyone with slow internet) should not click this!

>>> #3. Post/Article Functions <<<

With each article an Acquired Mind posts, there are an array of functions that you can access.  Below is a diagram (and their descriptions) to help you understand them:

    (1) - The date on which the article was written.

    (2) - The article's name.  Click on this to view the article by itself (and its comments).

    (3) - These are the favoriting/sharing buttons.  Click on the "Fave This Blog: Technorati" to favorite Acquired Minds on Technorati.  As for the Bookmark button, rollover your mouse on the button.  A drop-down menu should appear.  Make your choice of where you want to bookmark/share Acquired Minds, then follow the instructions that appear in a pop-up window.  We encourage you to share Acquired Minds anywhere you can!

    (4) - This is the number of comments the article has.  Click on this to give your own comment (which we highly encourage too!).

    (5) - Click on this icon to e-mail that article to anyone you wish.  Just follow the instructions that appear in the pop-up window.

    (6) - Click on this link to see which other websites are linking to this article.

    (7) - These are the article's labels/tags.  If you want to read on other articles that share the same category, just click one of the labels for a complete list of other articles that share the same label.

>>> #4. The RSS Feed <<<

The RSS Feed is a very, mysterious (yet very useful) little orange button.  Note: RSS Feeds are only available for Internet Explorer Versions 7 or higher, and is readily available on Firefox.  This guide will only detail how to set it up in Internet Explorer).  When you subscribe to an RSS Feed (on whatever site that is equipped with it), it will inform you of when new content/news has been posted on that site.  So, subscribing to A.M.'s feed will inform you right away when a new article has been posted. 

How do you do it?  Take a look at the following instructions:

    1. Take a look at the upper right-hand corner of your Internet Explorer window.  You should be on the Acquired Minds homepage.  There is a row of five icons (which is the default).  Next to the house (which is 'Home'), there should be the RSS feed button.  Since Acquired Minds has an available RSS feed, the icon should be lit up and orange.

    2. Click on the icon, and a drop-down menu appears.  Select "...Acquired Minds... - RSS" (ignore the one that says "- Atom".  It's something similar to RSS, but this guide is focused on RSS).  When it prompts you to 'Subscribe to this feed', which is located in the yellow box on top, do so.  Name and place the feed in whichever folder you like, preferably the 'Feeds' folder :).

    3. The feed will now be located in the 'Favorites Center'.  The Favorites Center is the yellow star in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.  Click on it, and there should be a list of your bookmarked favorites.  Next to the word 'Favorites', there should be 'Feeds'.  To access and view your feeds, click on this button.  There should be an appropriately named "Acquired Minds" feed (or whatever you had named it).  Click on it, and it will take you to the Acquired Minds feeds page.

On this feeds page, it will display a list of all the new posts that Acquired Minds currently has (if it's your first time visiting the page, everything would be new, so everything will be displayed).  Whenever any of your subscribed feeds has posted something new, the orange icon next to the word 'Feeds' will light up, and have a small additional symbol next to it:, and the name of the feed that currently has something new will be in bold (in the diagram above, the Acquired Minds is in bold)That's when you know to check your feeds! 

That's the end of the RSS feed guide.  Hopefully this has solved some of your RSS feed questions :).  It's definitely the best way to be kept up-to-date with what's going on at Acquired Minds !

There--we hope this guide has cleared up some understanding problems :).  More will be added in the future when the need comes.  Some minor notes:
>> Clicking the header banner will bring you back to the blog's frontpage.
>> At the bottom of the frontpage, there is an "Older Posts" link that will bring you back to the previous 5 articles.
>> If you choose to e-mail our articles, please be sure to credit us! (although if you use the e-mail icon, as shown in #5 of Guide #3, the credit is given already)
>> If you would like for us to add another guide, please e-mail the suggestion to
Thanks for being a reader of Acquired Minds!