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> How Did it Start?...

It was way back in August when the idea of ampleness first appeared.  It was a suggestion made by my.great.ESCAPE.  Looking to add something new to A.M., the thought of a weekly editorial appealed to m.g.E. and myself (the clam). 

We immediately started working on it, and after about a month and a half, we were finished with ampleness (although we ran into a very large amount of bugs and glitches...which were not very fun to deal with).  So on October 26, 2008, we released ampleness, in conjuction with turning A.M. black for the week of Halloween.

> What Is It?...

As described in ampleness' description:

"ampleness was created and made by the Acquired Minds to give you an even more wider access to our thoughts and opinions than ever before. Wondering what articles you should read? What song you should listen to next? What quote will inspire you for the next week? According to ampleness, these are what we think you should check out next."

As described, ampleness is just an area where the A.M.'s express their opinions through their current favorites (such as music, books, articles, quotes, pictures, etc.).  [Psst...remember to voice your opinion about the week's song selection by voting on the poll!]

Instead of having a new post every single week, ampleness only has one post.  That post is re-edited every week to add new items/delete pre-existing items.  A specific Acquired Mind will be featured each week (and it will be indicated next to the "Week of: mm/dd/yy".  To see the schedule, look below).  Nothing too fancy, eh? 

If you haven't noticed yet, ampleness contains a wide array of widgets [widgets are 'gadgets' that appear on the sidebar, each having a specific function or display], some of which includes games!  These widgets don't stay permanently-permanently, but the sidebar will continuously change over time (for example: according to what new games we should add or old games we should remove).  Feel free to use any of the widgets to waste some time or for your convenience :). 

> Schedule

A special Acquired Mind is featured each week, along with all their favorites.  Below is a small schedule for you to see who's going to be appearing next week...or the week after...or the week after the next!  [Only four are participating]

Week 1 - the clam

Week 2 - karma police

Week 3 - digital delay

Week 4 - my.great.ESCAPE

This schedule will rotate again and again, in a cycle.

> Last Words

On a side note: ampleness can get bugs and glitches from time to time (quite often, actually), so if you run into any of them, please tell us right away by sending a message to  It would be really helpful!  Just ignore the bug/glitch for the time being (if you encounter them).  We'll fix it soon :).

Alright, that covers up all of ampleness.  If there's something that you want to know about ampleness that isn't here, send your suggestion to  And before we go, here's a very important disclaimer about ampleness:

All copyrighted content used in ampleness belongs to their respective owners, and we respect their work. Each and every work is credited and cited towards the owner/publisher.  We own none of the content, unless stated so.  Thank you.