Acquired Minds: The History

How DID we get started, anyway? 

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February 25, 2008

*click* *click* *click*

The sound of the computer mouse was the only thing that I heard.  My eyes were straining for me to stop, but I didn't want to. 

Just the night before (Sunday, February 24th), the 80th Academy Awards had aired.  After months of the Writer's Strike, it finally aired.  As with the usual, all different awards were awarded, honoring people who contributed to the cinematic world.  Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Picture...Best Screenplay.  Ms. Diablo Cody had claimed that.  I was happy she won...but mainly because my friends had been all hyped up with Juno at the time.  Me?  I hadn't even seen Juno yet.  But judging from all the positive criticism, I knew that the award was well deserved.

So, in an unusual spark of randomness, I looked up "Diablo Cody" on Wikipedia.  I was still wandering around Wikipedia.  I had nothing else to why not? 

"Brook Busey, better known as Diablo Cody, is an American Academy award-winning screenwriter, writer, author, journalist, and blogger."  Woah, wait, blogger?  Hm, I had heard of blogs before, but to be honest, I had no real apparent idea of what a blog was.  *click*

And then, all of this began.

I read and skimmed most of the "Blog" article.  I found it interesting, how someone can share their opinions and writing with the whole world.  I mean, people can actually look past all the realities and find a person's voice through it all.  Facts may be important, but opinions are just as the truth.

So...I typed in "blog" on the Yahoo! Search bar.  Blogger popped up.  *click*  I immediately became excited, and I signed up.  Within minutes, I had created a blog.  It didn't have a name, it didn't have a certain purpose.  It was just there.  Blank.  Although I had no reason to do anything to the blog, I decided to just type something up.  Something to fill in the black emptyness.  So I typed up "Minds Are Now Acquired...", just as a little introduction as to why I was here. 

February 26, 2008

I decided to contact some friends.  Still, at the time, the blog was nameless.  My dear ol' friend Nathaniel was a big Paramore fan.  He was the only one online (on AIM), so I told him about the blog.  I asked him what I should name it.  "Uh...Acquired Minds?  I don't know..." he replied.  Wow!  That came out of nowhere...although it seemed very useable.  I recognized it's a line from 'Born For This', one of Paramore's songs.  "It takes acquired minds, to taste, to taste, to taste this wine..."  Yes, it's a poetic lyrical sentence. 

And that's how the name came to be.

I approached another friend (this time, in person).  The Alexander-The-Great of our time, digital delay. 

"Hey, so...I made a blog recently..."

"Really?!  Ooh, can I join the blog?"  Yeah, I didn't expect he'd say that.

"Um...sure.  Of course you can."  I put on a smile (no really, I did.  And it was in good spirit.  Boy am I glad he's with us.  Who knew he could write like that?  Brilliant, I say!).

Meanwhile, another one of my good pals came up to me.  Karma Police.  I knew she was the type of person that would lighten up any kind of weather.  So...I invited her to the blog as well.  She accepted the invitation without reluctance.

Later that day, during the evening, I recruited three people...yeah, three people in one night.  Nathaniel Stanton, karma police, and digital delay.  Woot, the blog has some liveliness to it now.

Later that night, I decided to write yet a new article...something cheesy and life-lesson-ish.  So I wrote "Peers: The Pressure is ON!".  It was about peer pressure.  Meh.

Within minutes of recruiting the three, though, three new articles sprouted.  One from each of them. 

February 28, 2008

The blog had been running for three days now.  Nathaniel just wrote an article (which was really pleasing), "Mother, where'd you put the prime steak?".  At the time, this was how the blog looked like:


It was black and uninviting.  But I was new to Blogger, so that's what we had for time being.

March 2008

Soon after, my.great.ESCAPE, mourning glory, Tararntula, and stolen apologies joined.  We were off to a rocky start.  The blog remained very bland and empty.  As weeks grew by, more and more articles were written, and the blog finally started to shift in a new direction. 

Not long after February, monthly themes were introduced.  A poll at the end of the previous month was held to decide next month's theme.  Minor changes were made as well, but the biggest change was when the blog was transformed into white, and the entire body of the blog was turned wide (instead of its narrow format).  This allowed much more room for the articles, minimizing the overall length of the page.  Along with the format and color change, a graphical header banner was made possible.  On St. Patrick's Day, I took advantage of the header and decorated it accordingly to the holiday (which would later continue into the future).

(our original header banner that we used for sooooo long)

By the end of March, we had a giant amount of 25 articles.  If you think about it, that's a lot.  For our second month, we did really well. 

May-June 2008

Things were still as slow as ever.  What made it even worse?  We didn't even know if our blog was even being visited.  Thus, the counter was added to the blog (the counter allowed us to view where our visitors are from, how many times they've visited, etc.).  At the same time it was added, the A.M. Search Box was added as well (the Search Box was much more efficient and accurate than the search box provided at the very top of the page).  We all were aware most of the visitor hits were by us ourselves, but it was still helpful in determining how the blog was doing.

Summer had reached.  We all had a bit extra time on our hands.  Because of this, I was able to assemble this very page, Acquired Minds: The History.  The Info-Center had not been released yet, and this history page was independently on its own (for the time being...).

July 2008

Then July came...our absolute most busiest month yet.  Right off the bat, three articles were written.  During my spare time, I took another look at Google Pages, the provider that produced this History page.  With some searching around, I had the idea to create an Info-Center, a place where people could get all the information they need to learn more about Acquired Minds.  It took some grueling time, but I finished the basics of the I-C within two days, and released it to the public (a new 'button' was then located on the very top of the right sidebar).  In addition to the Info-Center, Acquired Minds was now extended to many websites, including YouTube and MySpace.  Miss my.great.ESCAPE created A.M.'s first video, and it was a fantastic start to A.M.'s YouTube account.

But I wasn't quite done with the I-C just yet.  In addition to the History page and FAQ's page, I added an About Us page, detailing all of the Acquired Minds.  During this time, many more changes occurred to the blog.  The header banner finally changed after staying the same for about four months.  The banner would now change every month, just to keep things looking fresh.  Also, a disclaimer was added to the sidebar (in case anyone believes we are using any copyrighted content wrongfully--which, by the way, we have not).  The counter was enlarged (for easier viewing), and the width was minimized.

More articles were written, and I planned a graphics page for A.M.  With the assistance of Sendak and my.great.ESCAPE, the Graphics page for the Info-Center was released, and the original 21 banners were all ready to use.  The logos that were selected were used in conjuction with a couple of the banners (design #19 was made our YouTube channel icon).

Not only did we add a bunch of new content, we had some new readers as well--which made for a very, very lively discussion and debate during the week of July 20th.  We were all very excited to see new readers, and to hear their opinions.

All in all, July ended as the most productive month we've had (rounding up 21 articles!).

August-October 2008 (Current)

To start off August, we had our 100th Article Awards.  So, in honor of the grand moment, we had a grand awards ceremony...*cough* conducted by the reader.

Things really slowed during the month of September, continuing through October.  M.G.E. gave me a suggestion for another branch of A.M., and it sounded like a great idea, so we started working on it!  It was soon released on October 26, 2008, called ampleness.  For more information, look here.  At the same time, we turned the blog black for the week of Halloween.  We wondered if it should stay black...

(To be continued...)

Best of Stories,

the clam, and the rest of the Acquired Minds.