Acquired Minds: FAQs

Freakishly Annoying Questions...(just kidding) 

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To put an end to all the common questions a person-who-reads-our-blog would ask, we've assembled a list of FAQ's to answer them all.

1.   What's Acquired Minds?

If you don't know by now, I don't know why you're reading this.  But, since this is a FAQ: Acquired Minds is a blog about everything and anything.  We can occasionally go off topic ( topic), and talk about all sorts of things.  Oh, and did I mention life lessons?  Lots of 'em?  I think that sums it up very well :).

2.   How did it get started?

Refer to Acquired Minds: The History.

3.   Where did you guys get your super-awesome names?

Unfortunately, we cannot answer that.  But we all got our names from different inspirations.

4.   Will you ever show your faces/real names?

Sorry, nope.  We will continue to remain absolutely anonymous with our aliases...unless we were threatened by Teletubbies.

5.   What would you guys do if everything on the blog got deleted by some mysterious server crash?

We will raid Blogger and demand our blog back!  Just kidding...Blogger has an "Export Blog" feature, and we always have a backup of the blog at all times.  So no worries :).

6.   How old are you all?

Refer to Question #4.

7.   How can I keep track of Acquired Minds?

One really helpful feature (that exists in Internet Explorer) is the RSS feed.  Visit the Blog Mechanics info-page for instructions on how to set it up.  

If you have a blogger account, you can become a Follower.  On the blog's main page, you can find the "I AM a Follower, Are You?" widget.  Just click "Follow this Blog" and you're our follower!  In your dashboard, you'll be notified of any new articles that are posted.  Not to mention, you'll help us spread the word about A.M. :).

8.   Where else can I find A.M.?

We are located in several places.  Refer to our Info-Central homepage, and see the section under "On the Net".  Remember to buddy/fave us!

9.   How can I help advertise Acquired Minds?

Check out the Graphics page.  Thanks for asking!

10.   I really want you to write an article for a subject that I want to suggest.  Can you do that?

E-mail any suggestions to  If we find it interesting (and if any of us are up to it), we'll gladly write for you.

11.  I want to suggest a theme for you to use.  How do I do it?

Like the question above, just send your suggestion to the e-mail.  We'll review it, and if we like it, we'll include it in our next theme poll :).

12.  Can I please please please join your blog?!

Sorry, but no no no.  The A.M.'s we have now are pretty much set as is, and theres a very small chance that we'll be recruiting anyone new anytime soon.

13.  Uh, okay...but can I guest-write?

Hmm...if you can send us an example of an article that you would write, we'll see.  But this would probably only happen because 1. It's a special occasion or 2. You're ridiculously good at writing.

14.  Can you guest-write in my blog?

That would depend on the situation.

16.  Am I allowed to comment on your blog?

But of course!!  We encourage people to comment on the blog, no matter what you have to say.  We like our reader's opinions :).  Don't worry about bad comments--we consider everyone's opinion as important and unique, and we value that.

15.  I want to include you in my blogroll.  May I do that?

Of course you can :).  Just remember to tell us, so that we can promptly link you back as well (if this blogroll is located on your own blog).

16.  Can we use your articles/post them elsewhere?

Yes, BUT on one condition: you must leave our name(s) and a link back to our blog somewhere on that post.  We even allow you to e-mail our articles to your friends (which can be done using that little e-mail icon located at the bottom of each article), but you always must include our information as reference (or else you're plagiarizing!).

Alright, we've reached the end of our FAQs.  We hope we've answered your question here.  If we haven't, please e-mail your question to  Thanks!