Acquired Minds: About Us

Let's go into detail, shall we?... 


We have eight Acquired Minds in total.  Wait, what did you say?  That's too vague?  Fine, then.

Welcome to the 'About Us' page.  This page will tell you all about the Acquired Minds, up close and personal.  Who knew a clam--of all animals--would be a part of this place?

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----------------the clam----------------

Job: Founder/Lead, Author, Content Writer, Graphic Artist, Marketing Manager, Organizer

First Article Written: Minds Are Now Acquired...

Most Noticeable Article: A "GAS-ly" Disaster

Favorite Article of Mine: Painting a Life Canvas

Who Am I?  Hey there.  Nothing unusual about  a talking, personified clam, right?  Anyways, I am the clam, founder of Acquired Minds.  I pretty much do everything around here.  I write articles, set up the polls, advertise the blog, organize the layout, maintain the Info-Center...everything.  Of course, I couldn't have done it without my fellow Minds below!

--------------karma police--------------

Job: Author, Administrator, Facebook Account Manager

First Article Written: topic starters (& a bit of other things)

Most Noticeable Article: and he asked 'how do you think of me?'

Favorite Article of Mine:  Hypothetically Speaking

Who Am I?   karma police is rooted from a radiohead song she personally like. Karma Police couldn't think of a better name at the time and chose it. She's interested in consequence, decisions, and of course being just. She also likes good music and good movies (and food, too).  The only problem is that her view and everyone else's may not always be the same.

--------------digital delay--------------

Job: Author, Ideative Assistant, Administrator

First Article Written: Huh?

Most Noticeable Article: What You'll Be Looking For

Favorite Article of Mine: None...I hate 'em all. -chuckle-

Who Am I?  I am no one special...that was easy...
errr...yea...that's it...that's all you (whoever that is) would care to know...(puts in another chuckle).

----------Nathaniel Stanton----------

Job: Author

First Article Written: The Rogue Virus

Most Noticeable Article:  "Mother, where'd you put the prime steak?"

Favorite Article of Mine: "Mother, where'd you put the prime steak?"

Who Am I?  My own portion of the page? Wow, I feel so special... I can't get past the shock... Uhhh, uhhh, uhhh. My name's Nathaniel and my surname is Stanton. I, uh, like music, books, photography, and writing. I hate my name..


Job: Author, YouTube Account Manager, Marketing Assistant

First Article Written: Woah.

Most Noticeable Article: YOUnique

Favorite Article of Mine: Forgive or Forget?

Who Am I?  I'm Simply Complicated, and I can be hard to understand.  Life can be messy.  And I tend to work my way through it.  I'm my.great.ESCAPE., and I love expressing myself to show just who I am! (which is why I am an Acquired Mind!)  :)

-----------mourning glory-----------

Job: Author

First Article Written: Fear

Most Noticeable Article:Words Left Unsaid

Favorite Article of Mine:  I don't have a favorite.  I prefer that my best work is yet to be done.

Who Am I?  I write when I have sporadic bursts of inspiration. I get writer's block at the worst times. Like right now. All I have to do is describe myself and I don't know what to say. I just can't get past the simplicity of the thing. Hmmm... How about... I burst out in random accents and shout, "OXYMORON!" whenever I get the chance. I also like purple (Barney got me started on that. What, I'm not afraid to admit it!).


Job: Adviser, Graphic Artist

First Article Written: Expectations--The Absurd and the Feasible

Most Noticeable Article: Expectations--The Absurd and the Feasible

Personal Favorite Article: There is absolutely no point in filling this in.

Who Am I?  I am a reclusive, arachnid loving gamer.

-----------stolen apologies-----------

Job: None, as of yet.

First Article Written: N/A

Most Noticeable Article: N/A

Favorite Article of Mine: N/A

Who Am I?  ...


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