Papa a la Huancaina

From Mom’s Kitchen

2 pieces of romaine
6 medium potatoes boiled
1 hard boiled eggs
4 black olives

1 pack of 12 oz. El Venadito Queso Blanco (if you can’t find it, you can always use feta)
1 habanero (you’re supposed to use peruvian yellow peppers but i can never find them)
1 can 5 oz. carnation evaporated milk
salt and pepper to taste
1 teaspoon of tumeric
1/3 vegetable oil
4 saltine crackers (use last)

You can use a food processor or blender.  Cut the Queso Blanco in cubes and throw them in the blender along with the evaporated milk, salt and pepper, tumeric, and vegetable oil.  Blend until smooth.  TIP: If the consistency is a bit too thick, then add a tablespoon of vegetable oil until it’s just right.  If it’s too thin, then crumble a saltine cracker in your hand and add to the sauce.  Play with it until the consistency is nice and thick.

Peel and slice potatoes and arrange on top of lettuce.  Pour sauce on top of potatoes and place slices of boiled eggs and black olives around potatoes.