A Cozy Grilled Cheese

Okay, a couple of things before we get started. I am a huge fan of the standard grilled cheese that consists of bread, butter, and a couple slices of processed yellow cheese. This recipe is NOT meant as a replacement, but as another option for when you’re feeling adventurous. Also, some of these cheeses may not be in your local grocery store, but no worries, I tried to give an alternative that everyone should be able to find.

2 pieces of your favorite fresh bakery bread
Salted butter
Raw milk white cheddar (or you can use any mild white cheddar)
Jarlsberg (or you can use Swiss cheese)
Blue cheese, crumbled
Sliced American cheese

To build the sandwiches:

First, butter both pieces sides of the bread. And don’t be stingy!

Now for the cheese! First, slice up the raw milk cheddar, or the white cheddar if you couldn’t find it. (I could only find it at Trader Joe’s. If you don’t have that you may be out of luck) This cheese was so rich and melted so beautifully that we made it the base for the sandwich, and there’s more of this cheese than any of the others.

Next, we grated up some of the Jarlsberg, or Swiss cheese, and sprinkled a thin layer on. This added a little bit of a bite to the taste. Then, add a very thin sprinkling of the blue cheese. It adds a great flavor, but since it’s so strong you don’t want to add too much or it will overpower everything. Finally, top it off with a slice of good-ole American. This adds color and is a nice tribute to the original.