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Saxs Instrument

saxs instrument
  • A person who is exploited or made use of
  • a device that requires skill for proper use
  • equip with instruments for measuring, recording, or controlling
  • A thing used in pursuing an aim or policy; a means
  • A tool or implement, esp. one for delicate or scientific work
  • the means whereby some act is accomplished; "my greed was the instrument of my destruction"; "science has given us new tools to fight disease"
  • Small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) is a small-angle scattering (SAS) technique where the elastic scattering of X-rays (wavelength 0.1 0.2 nm) by a sample which has inhomogeneities in the nm-range, is recorded at very low angles (typically 0.1 - 10°).

For Our Daily Challenge - Instrument. This is an aeolian harp not an air craft carrier. :) Aeolian harps are set in an open window allowing the wind to pass over the strings and vibrate producing a very etherial sound. All strings are tuned to the same note. Montage with another image - water on a small pond. Don't use this image on websites, blogs or other media without explicit permission. © All rights reserved
Instruments of Cooking
Instruments of Cooking
Seen at Macy's. Photos taken for Our Daily Challenge: Instrument. I had so much fun with this challenge. This was my first day back at the gym and in the mall after traveling and being sick. Please forgive me for posting so many photos. The mixers seemed to be the consensus choice, so I moved them to the prime spot. Also, replaced the instrument of music with another instrument of torture.

saxs instrument