About Us

Prof. Nicolae Ghinda , Phd. Founder & CEO Acorn Green Environment Inc.
Prof. Nicolae Ghinda, PhD. - Founder & CEO 

Inventor, physicist and renewable energy expert: Prof. Ghinda has over 30 years of experience in physics, research and inventing new and innovative ways of harnessing the environmental energy for the purpose of clean energy production.

Throughout the past decade, his interests revolved around studying the manufacturing processes and new developments in the field of composite materials, with a focus on fiberglass. He has also pursued comprehensive study of electric integrated circuits, applied to manufacturing of industrial machinery. These interests, coupled with a strong passion for scientific research, have led to continuous experimentation that led to novel ways of tackling problems facing the clean energy generation industry.

Mr. Ghinda has a PhD in the field of Hydro Energy, with many years of research in the field of small hydroelectric facilities, resulting in authoring hydro-related patents in Europe. His research is focused on installations that can maintain high efficiency whilst minimizing the ecological impact, and he is currently working on innovative technological solutions that optimize the “run-of-river” type of energy production to allow installing small water generation facilities. 

Our company's vision is that "technological design in every aspect of energy production and use is helping the environment, is efficient, and benefits the local community". Our focus is on small energy production facilities, but we think big in terms of innovation, impact and goals. We design, build and operate energy production facilities.

Acorn Green Environment's aim is offering sources of clean energy for Canadians over the next few decades by means of engaging in key selected projects that maximize the benefit the local community and the use of the Canadian natural resources identified by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry. 

There are approximately two thousand dams in the province of Ontario that are currently not supplying hydroelectricity, but serving alternative purposes (flood control, navigation, water management, etc.). Taking advantage of these existing resources and retrofitting for the future is a great opportunity for long term prosperity at a community level.

Our company's proposed hydroelectric projects use the latest advances in the technology as well as innovations tailored to the project location resulting in no impact on water flow and no significant impact on aquatic fauna and flora. The installations use existing facilities on the run of river, and involve minimal modifications to or interventions in the waterbed.