Dear Friends

As Founder of the Acorn Acoustic Music Club, I am now retiring and the Club will close.

The Club began as The Acorn Folk Club in 2002 in the Oak Room at The Hobby Horse Hotel, hence the name Acorn; this venue was short-lived and we moved to The Old Ship Aground which also closed suddenly. My late husband John was the true founder, but since he passed away in 2005, I have been able to carry on with the support of Jim Parham and friends.  Our third and best venue has been the superb United Reformed Church Hall and we thank them for the use of this.

Over the 16 years we have had many happy times, with floor spots, some of whom have been coming since the inauguration, and a steady and enthusiastic audience – again some of whom have attended since 2002, travelling great distances – from Westport, Cossington, Taunton and all surrounding villages.  We also welcome returning holiday makers – just this week a phone call “we came two years ago and thought we’d come again as there was such a lovely atmosphere!”

At first we met monthly hosting local guests, but we quickly progressed to presenting guests of national and international standing.  Minehead is such a busy town we gradually reduced to 8 then 6 meetings a year, and recently due to health reasons to quarterly meetings.

We have hosted nearly 100 guests: top names like Pete Morton, Jez Lowe, John Kirkpatrick, Tim Laycock, Mick Ryan & Paul Downes, Phil Beer, Katherine Roberts & Sean Lakeman (86 present!), Dan Cassidy, Tom McConville, John Connolly, Brian Willoughby & Catherine Craig, Belchazzar’s Feast, Jeff Warner, Martyn Wyndham-Read, Damien Barber, Vicky Swan & Jonny Dyer and Flossie Malavialle.  These are only a few of the special names.

Guests have come from all over England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, and internationally from Australia, America, Canada, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, Greece and France. 

We have enjoyed hosting these wonderfully talented people in our own home, and to a person they have been gracious and charming about the Acorn and the warm and friendly welcome given to them,

The aim of the Club has been to uphold top quality folk and acoustic music in Minehead on a voluntary and non-profit making basis, creating a platform for professionals and amateurs alike. 

The Acorn Shanty Crew has evolved from our main floor spots and will be continuing, so you will still be hearing from us!  We are available for bookings for parties, functions, meetings and charity events.   We also have a facebook page. 

Thanks you all for your support and generosity and we wish you all well.

Eileen Ann & Jim

01643 709394

Comments re: Acorn Retirement

Good luck in the future Eileen Ann.  May be one day the Acorn Crew will get as far as Leigh on Sea ..

Regards     Tony   (Prior)

Dear Eileen Ann,

I'm sorry to learn that you are ending the Acorn Music Club, although I can understand why you would feel that you have "done your bit" and you have had more than enough health concerns.  I feel bad that we had not managed to get to your club in recent times - though we too have had our concerns and issues to deal with.  We are at that stage in our lives, I suppose.  There are not too many really good clubs that bring fantastic guests to play and encourage local talent as you were able to do.  Now, there is one less.  Many thanks for all that you did over the years.  We always enjoyed our visits - even that time when we came to see Belshazzar's Feast through ice and snow drifts (and going home was just as tricky!). 
I wish you a happy and fulfilling "retirement" and send sincere thanks for the wonderful times we had following you from the Hobby Horse to the Ship Aground, though we never quite made it to your final venue at the United Reformed Church.
Best regards,
Jane  (Snow)

Dear Eileen Ann,

I'll put an announcement in my next update, quoting your letter, and delete the entries.

I hope you enjoy your well-earned retirement.

Best wishes,   Tony  Watts

Dear Eileen Ann,

So sorry to hear about you closing the club although in some ways we are not entirely surprised.It must take a great deal of energy to run such a thing and there comes a time when that starts to dissipate.I can only thank you so much for all the lovely evenings you have given us over the years.

We would love to come to your do in Oct subject to Rosemary’s health although we hope to see you long before then.

Much love

John & Rosemary

Dear Eileen Ann

Many thanks to you and to all others concerned for making me so welcome at the Acorn on Saturday night - and thanks too for copying your review (below) in my direction. 

Thoroughly enjoyed the night - not realising in advance, of course, that it was to coincide, amongst other things, with your birthday.

I hope too that I’ll cross paths again with others on the cc list. You just never knoThe very, very best to one and all.

Kindest regards and many thanks.    Bob Wood (Last guest on 11th Aug 2018)

Dear Eileen Ann,

Thank you for letting me know your news. I am sorry and will miss the Club but do understand. It is hard work for you both, you put so much into it.

Excellent review as ever. It was such a lovely evening, such a feeling of warmth and friendship created by you. Just don't know how you do it.

Very many thanks for the invite to your Party. Barbara and I are very pleased to accept it and very much look forward to another great afternoon with you all.

Can't thank you enough for all the hard work you and Jim have put into making the Acorn Club such a success. Will really miss it but do understand that you need to give it up.  Always best to end on a high.

With my love , Rosemary xxx  (Lawson)

Dear Eileen Ann

From the beginning of the evening yesterday I sensed you weren't your bubbly self and as the evening wore on and you gave me a letter to be opened at home I guessed what the content might say.  Your obvious distress at The Last Train confirmed my suspicions.

For sixteen years you, your husband, and subsequently dear Jim have given pleasure to so many people with the wonderful and varied Acts you have had at Acorns.  I only discovered you a few years ago and then you closed for a while.  When you courageously reopened I returned and believe I've only missed one of your special evenings since that time.  You have always made them so personal to everyone with a lovely warm welcome.  How amazing that Geoff didn't win the raffle last night - what was that about?!!  I feel very privileged that I've been a member of Acorns for at least a short time, and will miss coming to these wonderful evenings - where will Fred take his talent to now that he has no outlet at Acorns!!

I know I shall see you again soon - thank you for the invitation on 28th October 2018 which I fully intend to attend!

You've made a difficult decision Eileen Ann but the Lord will have his plan for you - your life is  blessed with music and he will show you which ways you can still enjoy being involved in it.  Acorns will live in your heart forever.  I too have my special memories of some of those superb evenings!

Stay strong in your faith, and with love and prayers of family and friends - YOU WILL GET THROUGH the trauma ahead.

In the words of Alan Bennett - 'keep on, keeping on'

My love, Sue x   (Snape)

I’ve read your letter. I'm sure it was a very memorable evening. You and John put such a lot of effort into getting the club going. As you say people are getting older and can't get out and about so much.   I understand how you feel about Acorn, it was your baby and no one could care for it as you did. You were the ones who made it successful, now let others do it if they want to but not connected to you.

 Love Pauline xx

Hello Eileen Ann 

I send you a few photos from your last, marvellous concert.

 I am so happy I could participate in this great event. You are energetic and talented people. I am lucky I could listen to your beautiful voices and musc.

If you will be in Poland, remember to write to me. I live in Lodz and I host you with pleasure. My profile on

and my travel blog:

All the best,  Ola   Anctzak (Poland) 

Hello Eileen Ann

I am so glad you had a lovely birthday especially as you brought Acorn to a close too.  It must have been a difficult decision.  I really would like to have been there last Saturday but had two gigs.

I just wanted to say thank you for the work you did in supporting live music, without people like you musicians like me we have nowhere to go.  I really hope we can keep in touch and more so that our paths will cross in the near future.  I’m sending you all my love and good wishes.  Please give my very best regards to Jim.

Greg (Rowlands) xxxx (Wales)

Thank you so much for all the hard work you have put into making the Acorn Club so successful.  Such enjoyable evenings and you always created such a friendly atmosphere.  So pleased we still have things to look forward to and can still enjoy listening to your lovely voice.   Xxx Rosemary Lawson

A fantastic job wel done.  Now for a bit of me time.  Hope you’re both well.  Did see you in the distance at Sidmouth.  John Middleton. 

Hi Eileen Ann,

Thanks so much for this update and it was good to see you last Saturday – well done for joining the drumming!!

The end of an era, but one with many things to it’s credit I’m sure.

Best wishes,    Paul Wilson of Wren Music

Dear Eileen Ann and Jim

We were, of course, saddened by the news that the Acorn Club is to close but we fully understand why.

We have Very fond and happy memories of attending the Club on regular Saturdays over the years, and have had the privilege of seeing and hearing some excellent performers.   There will certainly now be a gap in the Minehead music scene.  We wish you all the best for the future.   

With kindest regards   Glenys and Charles

Hello Eileen Ann

Sorry to see that you’ve felt you had to finally close the club, but you’ve done a fine job for many years, and you should be proud of that.

Barbara Brown x    Shammick Acoustic


JAN 2018 "Thanks so much for having us" - Alice and David Wylde and "Always a privilege to sing at this wonderful, friendly club" Greg Rowlands. 
SEPT 2017 Thanks so much for the review and the pics, and thanks for having me once again at the club. I really enjoyed it, a nice bunch of people.  Best wishes for the future, and hope to see you all again soon.   Jez

I very much enjoyed Saturday evening - Jez Lowe is such a quietly talented man and lovely to listen to.  The birthday cake for all three of us ladies was delicious and I had a splendid time!   SS

MAY 2017 - PETE HARRIS & JON VAUGHAN - We enjoyed playing the Acorn, very good venue, and appreciate audience. Thank you for booking us!  PH
"Wow!!" "Right up my street. " JH
"I couldn't take my eyes off Jon" PP
"Wonderful guitar playing and I didn't know there were so many ways of playing the harmonica (blues harp)"   GW
August 2016 - Pete Morton - We had so much positive feedback - stupendous, amazing, fantastic, fabulous - but mostly how good it is to be back after a year off ....
October 2016 - Mick Ryan and Paul Downes "We had a great time". A very successful evening  CP    All my party enjoyed the evening RL  

Looking forward to attending the next evening and helping you celebrate your birthday,  Thank you for the joy your music gave me,  Louise 

Sept 2014 - Dana & Susan Robinson wrote:
"A delightful club the Acorn is - a real testament to all the many years of work you’ve put into it.  Wonderful to meet you and Jim as well."
July 2014 - Brian Willoughby & Cathryn Craig:  "What a wonderful night. Minehead's Glastonbury without mud and tents. Also "The Acorn Shanty Crew sound brilliant ... PP
May 2014 - Dan Cassidy & James Hickman - Last night was sensational!   GL  and "Another wonderful evening the pair are so enthralling and professional"  JH
JUNE 17th 2015 - Concert for United Reformed Church
Dear Eileen Ann, I just wanted to say how well I thought tonight's concert went; the Shanty Crew were on good form and got the audience involved, I think we all enjoyed ourselves, and looking at the audience involvement I think these local concerts give a lot to many people in a variety of ways. Mike was so happy to have Di there, his joie de vivre was palpable and as always there was a real rapport between Rob and Jenny. What I wanted to say however was how impressed I was with the Victorian set - your voice is always strong and true - as you know I am not really 'musical', but you and Jim came across as very confident and professional and he sang really well and with true feeling, it was a well - deserved triumph. You put so much into supporting all of us, and of course your very gifted daughter and her family, ( I empathise there), your enthusiasm holds us all together !
with much love, Rita
June 2015 Dear Eileen Ann,It was fitting that Geoff Lakeman mentioned his relative’s workhouse experience – and for making the strong point that our folk arts generally, reflect our past origins and are a living heritage for future generations.
I have to say, you organise and run a great folk club across there in Minehead. Many other clubs, nationwide, could learn a lot from The Acorn. I regard what you have going there as an example of ‘best practice’ within the folk world.
AND FROM GEOFF LAKEMAN "I enjoyed the club - and a good singing audience."
July 2013 - Pete Morton/Darren Hodge/Somerset Nightingales/The Triplets:/Acorn Crew and Floor Spots. "Thank you for last night, it was very good,  The main guests were brilliant and so were the floor spots."  PC
Eileen Ann and Jim aka The Somerset Nightingales on stage at the Cornwall Folk Festival at Wadebridge
Mar 2014 - Thank you for a lovely evening. It was great fun! We hope our paths cross at a festival sometime in the year! Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer
May 2013 Brilliant club with bags of atmosphere and so welcoming" SS
We appreciate all the hard work you put into making the Acorn one of the most high-profile clubs around ..." (AW)
"Thanks Eileen Ann for the great review;  Phil (Beer) had a lovely time"  VW 
 "Thanks for sending that lovely review - very well written and very flattering - and thanks again for a lovely night and your unparalleled hospitality."  Paul Downes x
The Acorn Folk Club upholds traditional and contemporary folk music on eight first Saturdays and is committed to bringing the best professional performers possible to Minehead.

For our 14th Season we have international guests, leading artists on the current folk scene and outstanding features, whom we have seen and heard before booking.

Many of our guests have received BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards and also appear at festivals and other clubs
There is always a warm welcome for everyone. We like to share cake on birthdays and anniversaries; in January we have our Annual Party, and in the summer our Annual Dinner, to round off the season.

Our new venue of the United Reformed Church Hall in Bancks Street, Minehead, has excellent acoustics and warm and clean facilities, and we are able to bring our own drinks and refreshments there - thus keeping costs down considerably.    Also Minehead "the gateway to Exmoor" is a good place to visit, and people further afield find it's worth coming for the whole weekend.  

The Acorn Folk Club was founded in 2002 by Eileen Ann Moore and her late husband John. She continues with the help of Jim Parham. The Acorn is run on an entirely voluntary basis and not for profit. It gives professional and amateur performers a platform, and gives listeners the opportunity to meet artists and hear good folk music in a warm and friendly environment, with plenty of space for banter and chat between acts and during the break.

We follow the very good example of Somers (Worcs), the Hoy at Anchor (Essex), and Bodmin, all long established clubs, (to name but a few).  We start and finish on time, face the listeners when we perform, and show performers courtesy.

We look forward to seeing you at The Acorn Folk Club whether as a loyal regular, someone who comes occasionally, as a newcomer or a visitor.

Joy Peace and Tranquillity*

Eileen Ann and Jim
* from Eileen Ann’s Song “Peace in Minehead”

Contact details:
Tel: 01643 709394 – Mobile 07811 744158


 "We have talked about it often, since our visit and reckon it is one of, it not the best we have been to." (RD of Somers Traditional Club) 

Artwork and Brochure, Website Management

                                                Albert Owen 

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(1939 - 2005)

Founder of the Acorn Folk Club in September 2002


 "We have talked about it often, since our visit and reckon
it is one of, it not the best we have been to."
(RD of Worcester))


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