4. News - OF ACORN ACOUSTIC MUSIC CLUB (new name 2017)

Dear Members and Friends,

From January 2017 we are going to be known as Acorn Acoustic Music Club, because we are widening the genre of our concerts - with not only folk, but blues and some jazz - please look at our programme which is planned right up to August 2018.  We don't sell tickets on line, it is OK to just come along, or ring to reserve 07811 744158 or email us acornfolkclub@googlemail.com 


Our next meeting is

Sat 11th August - another international guest BOB WOOD from Scotland, wonderful finger picking guitarists with great sense of humour and Eileen Ann's birthday party - so there will be CAKE!!

On Saturday 30th June 2018 we hosted Acorn Open Stage at West Somerset Folk Festival in the afternoon, al fresco, with tea and homemade cakes.  This was absolutely brilliant.  We staged no less that 27 spots involving over 30 people between 4 pm and 5.45 pm.   All on the veranda at the back of Carhampton Recreational Hall, this makes a natural stage and the generosity of everyone in providing cakes is just amazing, weather glorious, all performers excellent.   For the whole festival see www.westsomersetfolkfestival.co.uk and for our part in it - please click on photos in the left hand column.    

Our evening on SAT 19TH MAY - FLOSSIE MALAVIALLE, LEGENDARY FRENCH BLUES/JAZZ SINGER -  was certainly not to be missed.  We had a ragingly successful evening with Flossie winning a standing ovation with a big call for an encore.   Good versatile floor spots and a lovely audience.   Great when Flossie herself says she had such a fantastic time with you and your wonderful audience.  

 On Sunday 18th March our arranged singaround and tea party to raise funds for the Acorn was heavily snowed off, however I emailed and rang round, and a very pleasant afternoon was held on te following sunday 25th March.   Some 14 people arrived 3 pm promptly and stayed right through till 5 pm and we had a delightful afternoon of songs and poetry - plus lots of tea and cakes and raffle - so that we raised £55 towards the cost of our next big guest.  Thank you to all who attended and donated.  


On Saturday 16th September 2017 we were fortunate to host the renowned Jez Lowe, eminent NE singer/songwriter/guitarist for the third time - we hold a great respect for him.  He has been twice nominated on BBC2 Radio 2 Folk Programme for Best Song and Best Singer.   He also writes for the BBC 2 Radio Ballads programme, and you can hear him this November, Remembrance weekend.   We had a small, but very appreciative audience, and excellent floor spots.   Perhaps September when people go on holiday is not the best time to book such a leading guest, but we took the opportunity as he was on tour in the South West, and had been to St Ives and Exeter on the evenings preceding ours.   Jez Lowe was utterly charming.  
Please see full review. 

 Everything as usual, excellent venue with good acoustics, doors open 7.00 for 7.30 pm start, entry £7.00 plus raffle, floor spots, musicians, singers and listeners all given a warm welcome.

 On 12th August we hosted excellent guests ISSY AND DAVID EMENEY - HUSBAND AND WIFE DUO.  AND it was a birthday party for your founder Eileen Ann Moore with cake in the interval.  No less than 11 floor spots and a resounding set from The Acorn Shanty Crew.  

Please see full review. 

On Saturday 13th May, we had a quite sensational night, moving into presenting a BLUES night with virtuosos Pete Harris, Guitars and Jon Vaughan, blues harmonicas (harps).   Please read the review.  We are just struggling a little at present with attendance numbers, but nevertheless the evening must be classed a terrific success, atmosphere so friendly, and everyone so generous with raffle prizes, and helping with furniture etc.   PLEASE READ THE REVIEW. 

On Sunday we held a very happy tea party and singaround in our home to raise funds for the Club, and although not overflowing, we raised £38 and every little helps.  Thanks to those who came and sang and or listened, and donated to the raffle, and indeed helped generally.



ACORN ACOUSTIC MUSIC CLUB meets at UNITED REFORMED CHURCH HALL, BANCKS STREET, MINEHEAD TA24 5DJ.   Guests of National and International standing are booked on a roughly quarterly basis.  Floor spots, musicians, singers and listeners are all given a warm welcome.   Doors open at 7 for 7.30 pm start and, as many people travel a good distance to attend, we finish at 10.30 pm.  Entry is £7 and there is a raffle to defray costs.   The Club is run on a voluntary and non-profit making basis to uphold top quality folk music in Minehead, giving a platform for professionals and amateurs alike.   If you wish to reserve a spot or a seat please ring 07811 744158 or email acornfolkclub@googlemail.com, but it is OK to just come along.   Bring own refreshments and have a superb evening in this lovely venue with wooden floor, high ceiling and really good acoustics in a warm and friendly atmosphere!    Joy, Peace and Tranquility, Eileen Ann (Founder) and Jim (Co-organiser).
KEEP MUSIC LIVE IN MINEHEAD!    .... Don't let time pass by, but see the colours of a dragonfly .... (EAM)


I may have told some of you that our May date is 6th, but to get the really top blues guests we have booked - PETE HARRIS & JON VAUGHAN - we have had to alter that to 13th May.

So we have slipped in an extra date of an INFORMAL SINGAROUND at our home on Saturday 19th March from 3 - 6 pm with tea and cakes.   For that one please contact us if you'd like to come so we know how many .... by sending out details of this in January we have already had some good response! 

Acorn Revival evening on 13th August with the fabulous Pete Morton was a raging success and we'd like to share some of the super comments we received the next day:

It was indeed a great evening; it's great that the guest artists are happy to come back - Pete Morton was sensational, and such a nice guy!   RT

We really enjoyed the whole evening thank you.  Good to see Di Dibble coping too and enjoying being part of the shanty Crew.   We look forward to playing our Pete Morton CD with a number of the songs from last night included.  Glad you enjoyed his visit and that the evening was so successful.   EL

Acorn was brilliant last night...so good to be there again with such a star performer.  PP

What an enjoyable evening. One of the best for me. It all ran so smoothly - what a good idea it was to have the list of performers up.  My friends, like me, really enjoyed themselves. Thank you for your friendship and working so hard with Jim to make such a happy evening  RL

An excellent night and good to have the Acorn back.  GW[EAM1] 

 I thoroughly enjoyed myself and appreciated your ‘personal touch’ in welcoming your audience.  I particularly enjoyed Pete Morton because I haven’t seen him for a few years.  I’ve sung ‘Another Train’ for many years but I got a few more ideas from those that he sang.  PM

What a lovely musical evening, thank you. However you had a great deal of talent and I really enjoyed it.  Knowing that this combined a Birthday occasion was great. Thank you for the nice cake.  Here's to another evening. You have a very nice voice Eileen Ann.  SM

It was a phenomenol evening.  JP

And from Pete Morton himself:

Hi Eileen Ann,

It was lovely to see you all and spend time at your new home.

Loved tjhe gig and thanks for the very favourable review! Plus the compliments from the audience.

Good luck with the re-emerging Acorn.

Love Pete xx

After a year off, and leaving all the nice comments below which were so kindly sent when we had to have a year off due to health problems, I am very happy to tell you that with the Acorn Shanty Crew and a few other close friends, we had a unanimous decision to REVIVE The Acorn Folk Club, ON

Saturday 13th August (this date chosen near Eileen Ann's birthday). 
The United Reformed Church Hall, Bancks Street, Minehead, TA24 5DJ has been booked,  
Phone o7811 744158, or email acornfolkclub@googlemail.com to reserve. 
 As ever - everyone is given a warm welcome in this super venue with excellent acoustics.


Well - we're pleased to say we are not permanently closed and intend to host occasional events and a January party (that was a special request!)  Not necessarily sticking now to first Saturdays as with May Day, Guy Fawkes, Dunster by Candlelight, and the January one pops up too soon after Christmas, we are going to vary the dates a bit with at least a  month's notice on mailshot, press releases and posters ... and the invaluable "grapevine".


21st January, 2017 - Home Grown Talent plus features, bring and share PARTY

6th May, 2017 - Guest tba 

And then no doubt we will have another August party all being well!!   

I thank so many of you for your support and “Nice Comments”.  It would be lovely if you felt you could just scan through these …  eight pages …. which I shall also put up on www.acornfolkclub.co.uk

Nice Comments about Acorn Folk Club following having to close it due to unforeseen circumstances.

Re The Acorn, much as dozens of us are disappointed at its closure after so many years, I think you and Jim made the right decision. You need both physical and mental rest as you continue on your healing journey. The club will be one less thing to think abo
ut as you go forward. If I am not too late, here is my tribute:

 “The Acorn Folk Club was a regular first Saturday of the month feature in the West Somerset town of Minehead. Run by Eileen Ann Moore, ably assisted by Jim Parham, there was always a friendly welcome to regulars, newcomers and floor spot entertainers. Eileen’s smile and caring nature was one of the vital ingredients of the club’s success. It was run on a sound business footing, with a well-planned forward programme. Realistic admission prices, coupled with a many-prizes raffle, enabled some of the best acts on the folk scene to be invited to play and sing. Many of these acts would say how much they enjoyed their Acorn Club evenings. Eileen had a great gift of encouragement for floor spot providers, who would play, sing, story tell or poetry read. There was always much variety and talent at The Acorn. The way the club was run could well be highlighted as an example of ‘best-practice’ for other budding folk club organisers up and down our nation.”

Love and blessings,   John Henden, Taunton

You must both be feeling very sad about closing the club - do you think someone might just be prompted into action now?  I'm sorry I can't do anything to help. Being in Weston-super-Mare means I've only ever been a rare visitor - but I've always loved the nights I've spent at The Acorn.
You've created a really warm, welcoming centre to the club for years.
Thankyou both for all those musical memories and all the best for the future.

Lots of love, Marianne McAleer, Weston Super Mare  xxx

You must have lots of mixed feelings giving up The Acorn Club after so much work to make it a success.  I’ll be round to see you soon, love Dr John Godrich, Minehead.

Hiya Eileen Ann and Jim,

Very sorry to hear of the loss of the club. It was one of the great clubs and you did such a wonderful job of running it. Also sorry to hear of your health problems, I do hope you will improve with treatment, and of course Jim’s great skills of looking after you.

I know what it’s like to run a club, if I had to give Llantrisant up I don’t think it would carry on as it is either. It takes a lot of dedication and time which people are not prepared to do. You never know though, someone may decide to revive it simply because they miss it, albeit it in a different format maybe.

You may find us knocking on you door for a cup of tea sometime.

X Pat of Llantrisant Folk Club

From SAD folk ie Somerset and Dorest Folk

I am very sorry to hear this. The Acorn has been listed in SaDFolk ever since I expanded the service to cover the whole of Somerset and Dorset, more than ten years ago. Since then I've had regular email contact with Eileen Ann, which I will miss. All the best for the future.

Dear Eileen Ann, Very sorry to hear that the ankle will take so long to heal, but you have to be positive and look forward to getting better.  No Acorn – it’s hard to imagine, but of course you must put your health first.  Thanks to yourself and Jim for running the club and all the entertaining evenings you have provided.  Best wishes to you both.

Love from Benn & Jill, Westport, Somerset  

Dear Eileen Ann,  I am sorry to hear that the folk club has closed down!  We wish you all the best.   Kind Regards,   Marielle & Claude Bourbon - guest in 2015

 Mike O’Connor , Cornwall – Keep safe little lady.

Sorry to hear this, but fully understand your reasons.
You have done a great job over the years, running a friendly and enjoyable club. We wish you all well in your future endeavours and hope to see you soon out on the scene.
From Ned and all at Llantrisant Folk Club.

Truly sorry to see Acorn close but even more than that  I wish you all the best and hope that things go well for you personally. You have done a great job and will always be welcome at any of my events. Good luck for the future. Bless you. Richard Neal – Minehead Musicians

Eileen, so sorry to hear of your decision to close the club, do you need any help with anything you have committed to? You have helped to keep folk alive in the area and no doubt have contributed to our longevity and for that we thank you, we hope to see more of you at the club when you are better, I hope I can call on you for advice should I need it in the future.  Brian Matthews, Blazing Stump Folk Club, Carhampton

I am sure the nurses will look after you really well. So, as I said, all you have to do is put your feet up and get better - everything else will look after its-self. Everybody is sending you their best wishes and looking forward to the Acorn and more music and shanties....  (so unfortunately that is not to be, but we hope to keep The Acorn Shanty Crew going and meet up through that)

I am so sorry that you are having to do this, it must break your heart. There will be plenty of people sad that it is closing as well as sad for your predicament.
lots of love coming your way,
Daphne McCutcheon xx

On 22 Aug 2015 10:19, "Margaret Canterla"  wrote:

Dear Eileen Ann, sorry to hear that the Acorn Folk Club is closing. My sister Marie and I have really enjoyed the wonderful music that you played and you will be missed. I hope you are well. Margaret

Phil Underwood Thank you Eileen Ann and Jim, and your volunteers for hosting this great folk club, I am proud to have been one of your guests and I wish you all the very best.

Where will I go to get my raffle fix now????!!!! X  Geoff Williams, Old Cleeve

Thank you both so much for all the hard work you have put into the club over the years. It has been very much appreciated by so many. We will miss the Acorn Club but your health must come first EileenAnn and I am sure many will want to join me in sending you love and good wishes for your good health. xxx   Rosemary Lawson, Minehead  

Jody Kruskal from the USA

I well remember Jim taking me on that amazingly brief and breathtaking drive around your environs. Thanks again for hosting me way back in 2011 at your club.   Eileen Ann, I love what you wrote after I played for you back then, it's on my web site...

Jody’s songs were witty, gritty, true, humorous or full of pathos speaking of the human condition, interspersed with his charming introductions, which really drew such a keen interest. Throughout the evening Jody drew spontaneous participation from his listeners, he will definitely be booked again! -Eileen Ann Moore, Acorn Folk Club

I'm sorry to hear that you're unwell and had seen the news about the club. Sorry to learn of its understandable closure under such circumstances and I trust that you'll soon be feeling a lot better and able to resume as many things as possible.My best wishes to you and to Jim and hopefully see you soon.  Every blessing, Steve (Pledger), Minehead

We wish to say how sorry we were to see in the paper that you are giving up the Acorn Club. I’m sure you thought long and hard about it, and I’m sure it’s the best thing in the circumstances. But very difficult we’re sure.   Jan Lowy and Alison Andrews, Minehead

Sorry you’ve had to finish Acorn Folk Club.  Meigan Lyons, Minehead

Paul Dawson “Sad to see this happen …”  Norton Fitzwarren

Hi Eileen Ann.

We were so sorry to hear that you are unwell and as a result had decided to close the Acorn Club.  However we know that you had given much pleasure to loads of people over the years and must have many treasured memories of those times.

Take care.  Very best wishes from us all at Milverton.   Tony & Trish Batten

 I can understand why you have decided to draw a line on the Acorn Folk Club. From what you say, it has been a burden to keep it going thus far, as you say, akin to running a small business, and you certainly don't need that kind of responsibility at this stage - you know John (founder) wouldn't want you to go on if it was becoming too stressful. Luckily there are many other folk venues where you can take part without having to run the entire show.You and Jim will be an asset wherever you go in the future.  Rita Tremain, Minehead  

And my reply to this:

Let's hope the Shanty Crew will thrive. We have loved the experience of running the Acorn and have brought dozens of high quality guests to Minehead whom people otherwise might not have seen. Because of a 40 year interest and having gone to festivals and other clubs I knew who would be worth booking. We never or rarely had anyone we had not seen, heard and actually talked to before booking. As you say the festivals and visits elsewhere can still go on. Tom and Barbara have a monthly guest and have in fact got same September guests as we had, but I think that will probably be a bit too early for me to go that far.    Good night and thank you. Love from Eileen Ann

Eileen I did go over to Blenheim Gardens and see the Shanty Crew Sunday 16th August. Singing with gusto. Quite a good crowd and sunny. You were missed. Take care. Claire Pearse, Minehead X

It was a fantastic club. Only sorry it was too far for me to get to very often.  Ali Cooper., Uffculme, Devon.

Dear Eileen Ann, We were extremely saddened to hear the news that the Acorn folk club is closing. Thank you for all of the great nights of entertainment over the past few years and we wish you a speedy recovery.  Fondest regards,  Judith & Paul Roberts. Minehead

Dear Eileen Ann,
So sad to hear, thro' Tony Watts news letter of the closing of The Acorn. I hope it's not due to ill health of you or Jim. You have put so much effort into the club over the years and provided a platform for singers and musicians in the Minehead area as well as bringing in really good guests.
My own health is not to0 good but we jog along here and the club has all of the usual ups and downs.     Love to you both Hilary & Gerry Bix, Bideford Folk Club

On 18 Aug 2015 10:01, "Quicksilver" <quicksilver@hsmh.myzen.co.uk> wrote:

We'll be thinking of you sweetie.  Hilary Spencer, Guests

Dear Eileen Ann, So sorry to hear about your health problem. All I can say is that I really hope you make a full recovery, and that I'll see you some time in somebody else's folk club.

Get well soon.  All the best, Mick Ryan X and XX Paul Downes, Guests

Dear Eileen Ann

I'm sorry to hear that the club is to close, but much more concerned about your ankle. Hoping and praying that it gets better.

It has been a wonderful club and I have had many lovely visits. Thank you for giving us performers a great place to perform. You've always been so supportive of what I do.

I would love to come and see you as soon as I can.

All the best to Jim and all the family.

Love Pete Morton xxx Guest

Well done you two - I'm sure you will still be very involved in the music. Pleased to have "done" your club.  Unless one has done it, many folk do not have a clue about the amount of work involved in running a club.    Geoff Lakeman

Truly sorry to see Acorn close but even more than that I wish you all the best and hope that things go well for you personally. You have done a great job and will always be welcome at any of my events. Good luck for the future. Bless you.  Richard Neal, Minehead Musicians.

Hi, Very sad news, we so enjoyed performing there.

Health must come first though. All the best for the future!   Rupert Kirby, Lynton

Eileen Ann, I am so sorry to hear of your health problems and saddened that the
Acorn is no more. i was aware that you were having an op for the ankle as Mark
Bazely informed me at Dartmoor when I enquired where you and Jim were. You are
very right to put your health first and I wish you a speedy recovery and best
wishes.  Take Care Bill Crawford, Bridgwater

Dear Eileen Ann,  I am so very sorry to hear of your problems with your ankle, and I trust that all goes well in the healing process, in the coming weeks and months.

A big 'thank you' for all of the hard work that you and John, and now Jim, have given to the running of the Acorn Folk Club. Your work has been much appreciated by all around you, and also the visitors from further fields. I have enjoyed the times when I have visited the club, and I know that Bill (my friend who used to live in Wivvy) also enjoyed coming to the club. May I send you my best wishes for your recovery, and I hope to see you at a music venue/session in the future. 
Love,  Susannah Billeter xx, Tiverton, Devon

Dear Eileen Ann, It was with great sadness we heard about the closure of the Acorn Folk Club.  We understand the reason and support you every inch of the way.  All we can say is a big “THANK YOU” for some lovely memories at The Acorn Folk Club  We understand that a lot of organisation must have gone on behind the scenes, so in sending this letter we can say how much we appreciated your hard work. We end with the lines from an old song “Thank you for the memories!.  With our love Rosemary and John Hanson, Minehead

My very best wishes to you and Jim, and I hope that one day we may meet again.   John Waterson – Fake Thackray, Guest

Sorry it is so bad. Closing Acorn must be upsetting for you, sure will be for all your followers. Keep in touch. Claire Pearse x, Minehead

Dear Eileen Ann

I'm sorry to hear that the club is to close, but much more concerned about your ankle. Hoping and praying that it gets better.

It has been a wonderful club and I have had many lovely visits. Thank you for giving us performers a great place to perform. You've always been so supportive of what I do.

I would love to come and see you as soon as I can.

All the best to Jim and all the family.

Love Pete Morton xxx

Very sorry to hear of your health problems Eileen - I do wish you all the very best for a full recovery. Also very sad to hear that the club is no more but completely understand your position. Best wishes from us both.   Issy Emeney, Guest

Dear Eileen Ann,

That is sad news, I do hope that the treatment goes well and you will be better in time. You must of course concentrate on getting well and we fully understand your decision.

You were both missed at the Folk Festival this year, it went very well and the weather was kind which is always a bonus.   Best wishes.  Jason Rice of Dartmoor Festival

Hello Eileen Ann,   Very sorry to hear of your health problems and thank you for letting me know of the unfortunate closure of the Acorn Club.. With so much notice we shouldn't have too much trouble finding a replacement gig. Very best wishes for your recovery.  Regards,  Pete Harris. Guest

Dear Eileen-Ann,  I'm so sorry to hear that the Acorn Folk Club has come to an end. We have many happy memories of the times we have been along to the club in the past. I do hope that you are OK.  We just have to decide when something has to give, and then the decision makes itself really. I do hope that you will still find much to enjoy and I hope that we will get to meet up anyway, from time to time.  Many thanks for all you have done over the years. It is hugely appreciated. Much love,   Jane & Paul of Tivvy Fest

Hi Eileen,   I'm sorry to hear of your health problems. I hope you recover soon. I guess the Acorn had a fine run and things change.   What a great time I had visiting you back then.

Yes, Saint Catherine’s church in Towersey, I have a posting of that event, check it out... it still makes me weep with pleasure to hear us sing.

http://jodykruskal.com/tune_of_the_month/November_2008.htmlCheers,   Jody Kruskal     http://www.jodykruskal.com/

Oh, and your beloved Acorn Folk Club. I can't believe that after all your work to keep it going and your passion for something you and John started together, you were really able to make the decision that The End means The End. That must have been a difficult choice to make.  Patience Lacy-Smith, Los Angeles

Dear Eileen,  I am so very sorry to hear of your health problems. I wish you a speedy recovery and all the best for the future.   Of course Pagoda will be sad not to perform and we thank you for booking them.

With kind regards, Di Esplen, Agent for PAGODA, Guest   

From the  organisers of Banbury Folk Club and Festival:

We left others in charge while we went to China, and when we returned, they said they were surprised how much work is entailed in running a Club!   Derek & Mary Droscher.

Sorry to hear the club has stopped running!  Cathryn and I had wonderful nights there and enjoyed our stays with you and Jim.    All the best with the band,

love,   Brian Willoughby, Guest  

Hello Eileen Ann, I was sorry to get the news that The Acorn Folk Club had closed. You - and John originally and then Jim in recent years - have put so much work into it to make it the success it has been   
I have many fond memories of the club - including the time Liz & I came & did an extended spot as the 'White Satin Slappers'! I also really appreciated your hospitality when I needed a bed for the night. Thank you.  Much love Sue White, Devon

Well I have just read all the letters sent to you about closing The Acorn folk club. They were genuinely sorry to lose the club but more concerned about your health.

You must be very proud that you ran such a successful club, it must have been like giving a baby away!  As one of your letters said no one realises how much work goes into running a club until they have to do it.

Pauline Dickinson, Thorpe Bay, Essex

Sorry to learn you have had to give up the Acorn, Eileen Ann. It always seemed such a lively and well-run enterprise. It is a pity that you have not been able to find worthy successors to take it on and continue it.  Nevertheless I trust that you and Jim get some recuperation and have some opportunities to keep on playing.
Wassail for Yule (now on horizon – Dr Ken McKinnon, Black Isle, Inverness

I sometimes have dreams that come true.  On the day of our gig at Acorn FC I woke up and said to Dan*"What's a hobby horse" (I genuinely didn't know what one was).  He replied in a his very slow speech "A Kids toy, why?". "Because I've got the word going round and round in my head" I said.  We got to the gig, a bit late because of traffic. Set up, had a great night, went back to your place and lo and behold, a whole evening hearing about and watching videos of the Minehead Hobby Horse. I got my proof at last!

Thought you might appreciate that, or maybe you just think I'm mad, either way, thanks for the good times. Hope you get back into it in the future

All the best, James Hickman, Guest   *Dan Cassidy

Sending you much love, and thanks for everything, we will keep you in our prayers, god bless xx  Ann Snelling, Minehead.

Sad to have to close the Acorn, but you've done so well to run it from 2002, what lovely comments you had.   I'm glad to see the shanty singing is going ok.  

Love Marion Collins, Leigh on Sea

Thanks for your help at this stressful time for you Eileen Ann. and yes, good weather would be most appreciated !!! smile emoticonRichard Neal – Minehead Musicians Festival

Hi Eileen Ann

Really sorry to hear the news.  It must have been a difficult decision to make but we completely understand. We thoroughly enjoyed playing at your club and were looking forward to returning but you need to concentrate on getting better. Very best wishes to you both.

Mark Bazeley x, Dartmoor Pixie Band, Moor Music Trio - Guests

Kate and Peter Abbot of Third Thursday at Templars, Near Wincanton

We are very sorry to hear that you’ve closed the Acorn Folk Club, but if there is anything we can do, we will come over in our camper van and help you and Jim, and as soon as you feel better you must come and stay with us and let us look after you.   Also we will want you to sing again at Templars.   With regard to all the tribute- well you deserve them! 

Also feeling sorry for Jim as it must be very tiring being a carer as well as all your plans for the weeks past put aside. I know closing the Acorn Club must be a great sorrow for both of you.   With love from Jenny Handisyde, Williton

Good morning Eileen Ann,   I was really sorry to hear of the closure of the Acorn Club via your email last month. Thank you for sharing the feedback about the Acorn Club in your recent follow-up email too. I also wanted to wish you a speedy recovery from your operation and I hope that you are restored to full health again soon.

I shall look forward to seeing you both at a musical event in our district again before too long!

Regards, Ben Benham, Williton

Hello Eileen Ann, You deserve all those lovely comments received and am sure you will treasure them, as they'll help keep you moving forward in the months ahead.
Love Sue Snape, Minehead

Dear Eileen Ann, Thank you for all your hard work over the years and although we are sorry to see Acorn close your legacy lives on in all those who have been encouraged to participate in music and song through your efforts ... and who will continue to do so wherever they get the opportunity

The Hobby Horse has been chosen as the Folk venue for the Minehead Musicians Festival and has a full day of folk music from 11.00am to 11.00pm which includes the 'Acorn' contributions and we would love to see the evening Festival Folk Club become a celebration of your good work and a reunion of those who attended Acorn over the years.
I wish you all the best for your recovery and hope that we may have the pleasure of your presence and musical contributions whenever you feel able.
Kindest regards, Richard Neal   

Sorry the Pagoda gig is off, I was looking forward to visiting the club again.  Paul Hutchinson, Resident at Halsway Manor – Guest.

We have had some very enjoyable evenings at the Acorn Folk Club and will miss it greatly.  However, the priority is to get you well again and we understand the position. We will keep our eye out for the Acorn Shanty Crew.  Glenys & Charles Jones, Minehead.

I would like to echo the kind and true comments below regarding your hosting of musical events and your performances with Jim which I loved for their sweetness, warmth and inclusiveness, I know I will miss that.    I hope you both have good things in your life ahead, surely family commitments too, and that we may meet up again..?    Do keep in touch
With love and best wishes, Delphine Holman, Devon

We were sorry too to hear that the Acorn Folk Club is closing down. Although we did not attend regularly we always enjoyed the performances with some excellent guests. What will fill it's place?
With our very best wishes,
John and Louise Melbourne, Dunster

Sorry to hear about the Acorn, it was a lovely club in one of the best locations. Best of luck with the ankle - I do hope you make a very speedy recovery.

Tom Bliss - Guest

Well dear friends,

If you’ve got to the bottom of this – thank you!   There well may be more, and also I am sorry if I should have missed anyone’s kind remarks out, but all our gratefully received.

Joy, Peace and Tranquility (as ever)*

Eileen Ann Moore

www.acornfolkclub.co.uk –where all this will be published

 ·         From the words of my song “Peace in Minehead”

And finally …

“Don’t let time pass by, but see the colours of a dragonfly” EAM