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Work Roster

 version 1.xxx
AM / PM shifts ! Need a diary ? Work Roster is for you !

Work Roster is the ultimate calendar for shift works. Easily record and retrieve shift data. Set up recurring  shifts, perform database searches and email monthly roster. Fully customizable.
Suits nurses, retail, hospitality, emergency services and transport works.

  • -User friendly & easy to use (2 clicks and a shift is recorded).
  • -Unlimited data entry.
  • -Customize/edit shift name/type.
  • -Set up recurring shifts using days of week, occurrences in month and regular intervals (D/W/W/Y).
  • -Search database for frequency in given date ranges.
  • -Email the monthly roster.
  • -View the whole year
  • -Backup & restore calendar.

Free Version (contains Ads)

Pro Version (no Ads)


Times Tables Teacher
 version 1.7.xxx

LISTEN, READ & LEARN ! (includes TIPS)
TIMES TABLES is an educational product. Its objective is to help commit to memory the 1 to 12 times tables through the age old tried and proven method of repetition. It utilises a user friendly interface and interactive design to help challenge and stimulate the young mind. Users can choose to read times tables’ lists or listen to them being read aloud by the “teacher”. This aids with both active and passive learning. Test modes are fun and encourage retention and self appraisal. Best of all, this product can be used anywhere and anytime.
  • -LISTEN to the lists of times tables being recited.
  • -Teaching instructions & tips.
  • -Easy to read hand written font.
  • -Practice modes.
  • -Test modes.
  • -Check wrong answers.
  • -Monitor time & scores.
  • -Multilanguage support (English, French, German, Italian)
Expense & Tax Manager (s) 
(International)  version 1.0.3
Completely customizable. Designed to track unlimited income streams and expenses. Monitor income derived from rent, shares, wages etc. & expenses which may be work or non work related. Robust, reliable & accurate financial manager. Includes tax calculation functions.
  • -Record unlimited income items & expenses.
  • -Automatic tax calculation based on income and expenses.
  • -Instant trial tax calculations.
  • -Record tax payments and calculate amount owing.
  • -Determine levies and expected contributions.
  • -Forecast future income & expenses.
  • -Actual income, expense, net income & forecast graphs.
  • -Pie charts for income & expenses.
  • -Bar graphs & data table for individual income & expense items.
  • -Bar graphs for total monthly income & expenses.
  • -Calculate GST payable & reclaimable.
  • -Calculate net income after taxes.
  • -Group identical items and sum totals.
  • -Customize tax brackets and rates.
  • -Customize contributions and rates.
  • -Customize levies and rates.
  • -Set GST (goods & services tax) rate.
  • -Set financial period.
  • -Email tax calculation/statement or full records.
  • -View tax by year, quarter, month, fortnight or week.
  • -Inbuilt checks to ensure dates within financial periods.
  • -Item selection 'memory' for ease of use.
  • -Sort items by alphabetical order, date or amount.

 Shopping List Maker Plus
 version 1.9.xxx

Shopping made EASY! Fully customizable. Never forget an item. Avoid time wasting and cost surprises. READs, EMAILs, SORTs  and much more!

This program is primarily designed to create custom shopping lists. This can be achieved quickly and easily. Simply use (+) or (-)  to select quantity, press a button and PRESTO a shopping list appears! It eliminates time wasting and the hassle of writing new lists every week. Add, modify and select items any time. Never forget an item or be surprised by cost again. This product is bundled with many great features including READ OUT mode, EMAIL capabilities, SORT functions, PRICE and TOTAL COST calculations.


  • -Read out entire shopping list.
  • -Interactive mode to read out items as selected.
  • -Email shopping list in any sorted view.
  • -Create shopping lists quickly and easily.
  • -Fully customizable item database.
  • -Unlimited item entry.
  • -Item attributes: name, category and price.
  • -Sort selected item alphabetically, by category or price.
  • -Storage of category name for ease of selection.
  • -Tick off purchased items in shopping list with one click.
  • -View shopping list alphabetically or sorted by category, cost or remaining items.
  • -Calculate individual item and expected total costs.
  • -Calculate purchased total cost on the fly.
  • -Multio lingual support - English, French, German & Italian.
  • -No Ads.
  • -Detailed user manual.

 Free Version available (Shopping List Maker).
 Limited to English & contains advertising.

CSV Editor
version 1.8.xxx

Edit CSV files on your phone or tablet. With write to SD card & email functions.

CSV editor is an application designed to edit content in comma-separated values files.

It allows you to create, load, edit and save csv files on your phone or tablet. It deals with any file regardless of the number of fields or data type (date, number, text etc..). Multiple files can be added and merged. Intelligent recognition of text and numbers ensure proper alignment. Compatible with Excel.


  • - Create new CSV files easily.
  • - Unlimited number of rows & columns.
  • - Display 'Normal' & 'Edit' view modes.
  • - Email function (Option to remove commas).
  • - Add & delete rows.
  • - Add & delete columns.
  • - Move rows up & down.
  • - Move columns left & right.
  • - SD card reading / writing.
  • - Two different styled 'Edit' modes available:
  •   (1) drop down list
  •   (2) edit buttons
  • - Easy to use.

version 1.xxx

Designed for aesthetic & cosmetic practitioners to facilitate the process of storing pre & post procedure photographs. Avoid loose photos and cumbersome computers and cameras. Simply use your android phone or tablet!


  • -Individual client folders.
  • -Easy to use filing system.
  • -Quick client search.
  • -Write/record consultation notes.
  • -Store client details.
  • -Easily contact clients via email, SMS or phone.
  • -Customize text templates and insert into notes.
  • -Phone/tablet camera allows photos to be captured and added directly to client folders.
  • -All photos within each client folder are represented by thumbnails.
  • -Designate photographs as "Before" or "After".
  • -Comparison function (2 pictures).
  • -Email & Print main screen photographs (dependent in 3rd party software).
  • -Enlarge thumbnails.
  • -Filter thumbnails/photos by date.
  • -Automatically records client name and date & time of photo.
  • -Practitioners can add their own essential model pictures & diagrams. These are added automatically to client folders on creation.
  • -Ability to draw on photos.
  • -Customize position of toolbars and thumbnails.
  • -Pen & eraser functions.
  • -Optimized for phones & tablets.

    Draw on pictures or a blank canvas.

    Pencil and paper is considered old-fashioned compared to the versatility of today's computers. PicDraw blends new and old to give you the best of both worlds. It allows you to draw using selected pen size, color and background pictures. Unlike other apps, you can also erase directly with your finger. No silly undo.

    Select a folder and presto ! All the pictures are displayed as thumbnails. Take a photo and it appears in the current folder.

    Run slide show  directly from SD card or USB (except KitKat).

    Choose a picture and have fun !

    Write comments.
    Capture/download pictures and get the kids to color them in.
    Draw a freehand picture yourself.

    • -Pictures within folder appear as thumbnails.
    • -Date photo was taken is displayed as a sub-caption.
    • -Slide show mode.
    • -Sketchpad mode.
    • -Erase directly with finger (no undo required).
    • -Background maintained when erasing.
    • -Draws dots immediately(no double touch required).
    • -Email your artwork and pictures.
    • -View, Edit & Slide Show  directly from SD card and USB  for most devices (except Kitkat).
    • -Draw and save during slide show.

    version 1.xxx

    Early Leaner is intended to help teach young children aged between 4 to 7 the basics.
    Aims to improve :
    1. READING
    2. WRITING
    5. DICTION
    Features include the ability to trace over words and numbers. "Dotted thirds paper" teaches correct alphabetic character formation/writing for both small and capital letters. The 100 most common words used in the English language assist with word recognition and ultimately spelling. Diction is improved via a phonetic function which pronounces letters and the sounds they make.