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  by A.Contoli

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This is the main help page. Take a look also to: 

Manage Groups and Graphic Paths 

Polygons and Curved Shapes 

How to:

  • Manage Zoom : Select the Zoom menù or edit the property grid of the object "Canvas" .

  • Select one or more objects : Click Select on the Menu, then left click over a single object to select the top most one, or select many objects moving the mouse while left clicked. (See the green dotted selection rectangkle in the example)

  • Draw an object : Select the object to be drawn (Rect,Line,Circ,..,Arc) in the menù, then Left click on canvas (or generate a red creation rect). After creation,  the status will become Select.
  • Move Canvas : Right click on canvas and move mouse (keeping clicked).

  • Load/Save/Print : From the FIle menù you can Save/Load current project. Load will overwrite current project without warning! Print sends project to default printer. "Save Selected Objs" save the selected objects as a file. "Load Objects" restores saved objects and add them to current project.

  • Select an object under another: Use 2Back/2Front. In the example, to select the Rect click on the Ellipse (to select it) and click 2Back. Now you can select Rect as the top Most.
  • Move the selected object/objects : After the selection of one or many objects , the top most one will be associated with a Blue dotted Handle Manager. Left click on it and move the mouse while left clicking to move all the selected objects.

  • Resize an object : use the handles in the resize move blue dotted manager.

  • Rotate an object : Not all object have the rotation property. Select the object and then use the Rotation Handle in the object manager (left click and move while holding left). You can also set the property Rotation in the property grid. You can rotate many objects byselecting all of the and changing the Rotation property.
  • Change the Objects Properties : Selecting One or more objects, in the property grid will appear a collection of properties.  If you select many objects , you can set only the common properties. If you click on canvas (no object selectd) you canaccess the canvas properties.
  • Draw many objects whith the same Pen / Fill color /Pen Width : use Pen and Fill menù before starting the creation of the objects. Otherwise, create all objects, select them and then change the common properties.
  • Fill an Object : set the filled property to true.

  • Make a filled object trasparent : set the trasparent level by setting the alpha property: ( from zero to 255).( Zero = fully trasparent);
  • Understand the properties meaning : click a property and read the description under the grid.
  • Copy selected objects : select the desired objects , then click Copy
  • Delete selected objects : select the desired objects , then click Delete
  • Group selected obejects : select the desired objects , then click Obj --> Group. To return back to the single origin objects , select the group obj then click Obj --> deGroup.
  • Update a Text Object: double click on it to recall the richtext edit form.
  • Manage Groups and Graphic Paths (Composite shapes) 
  • Polygons and Curved Shapes   (NEW)
  • Submit questions : A.Contoli
  • Get the latest version: check  this page.


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