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by A.Contoli

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Simple Vector Shapes  (read and rate the article on codeproject)

 ( HELP ON LINE NEW- jan/2008 )

 ( vectshapes_src.zip  apr/2008) (  S.V.Shape exe )

 A cool 2D vector shapes and RTFcontrol editor


Let you draw and manage: simple shapes like ellipses, rectangles, rounded rectangles; lines; arcs; images (from file), rtf text, groped objects, graphic paths, polygons and curved shapes. Manage the objects by an easy to use handle and property interface. You can resize, move, rotate, fill, make trasparent, group , invert etc.. them.


Examples of advanced grouped shapes: GroupedObjExamples.zip , bycicle.zip

(Load from File-->Load)

Jan-2008 added Polygons and Curved Shapes 





 Path Finder AI 

Last Updated: 15 Jun 2004   - A class to define a 2D space, put walls, set a start & end point, and  return the best path.



2D Polygon Drawer-Animator 

Last Updated: 2 Aug 2004   - Draws polygons, manipulate  and animate them.



Tetris (AI and SurvivalTetris) (not published)

I developed a playable version of tetris, with some features like the auto play mode (AI plays tetris 4 U), and a survival mode (try to keep safe the puppet while AI plays tetris "over your head"!  To activate Survival mode press "o" and use "x" and "z" )


Download source :SurvTetr.zip


I used "Microsoft Visual C# 2005 Express Edition" to develop it ( .net framework 2.0 requuired )



 Survival version: