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METAR/TAF request form

How to create a METAR/TAF bookmark for a group of airports

  1. Decide which airports you want current weather/forecasts for. If you are unsure of the ICAO identifiers look them up on the NCAR/RAP weather stations website (a text based list of active weather stations worldwide).
  2. Add the stations to the form above. Insert a space between multiple stations.
  3. Select the various options: Raw text vs translated text, hours required,  and whether you need TAFs included or not.
  4. Click on "Get Weather"
  5. Bookmark the "Aviation Digital Data Service" results page which appears in your browser.
  6. Rename the bookmark if required. Make as many bookmarks as needed to cover your area(s) of operation.
  7. IMPORTANT - If the "Aviation Digital Data Service" results page is open for a long period of time select the refresh button on your browser get the most current weather report(s).
Examples of formats available

KBOS (Boston), Chicago Ohare (KORD) and New York Kennedy (KJFK) airports weather for the last 6 hours - raw format

North Pacific airports KSEA CYVR PAKN PANC PAKN PACD PADK PASY UHPP RJCK RJAA weather for the last 3 hours including terminal forecasts - raw format

KSFO (San Francisco) latest weather - translated format

EGLL (London Heathrow) latest weather and terminal forecast - translated format

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