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How to save a page for offline viewing on an Ipad using Safari
Do you want to save a page for offline viewing when the internet is sporadic or unavailable?

Here is how to do it:

1) In Safari go to the desired page and select "export icon" (box with up arrow), select "create PDF", select "done", select "save file to", select "On my ipad", select "adobe acrobat" or whichever PDF reader you are using, select "add". Close safari. The entire page is available to use offline in the pdf reader. 

2) Open your pdf reader and look for: "Safari - Date and time"  for example: "Safari - May 18,2018 at 17:52.pdf"

3) Delete the pdf after use.

Whats new, whats changed...

  • May 2019 > SafeAirspace.net added to Other Useful Websites page.
  • February 2019 > Icing links added to all regions except ironically Antarctica which contains a lot of ice.
  • February 2019 > US Navy turbulence links removed and replaced with Jeppesen charts on several pages.
  • July 2018 > Links fixed on...all pages. I think I got them all!
  • July 2018 > North Pacific page...Alaska Weather Radar - Weather Underground link added 
  • July 2018 > Continental US page...United States Weather Radar - Weather Underground link added
  • July 2018 > Canada page...Canadian Weather Radar - Weather Underground link added
  • June 2018 > NOTAMS/Volcanic Activity page...Icelandic Met Office link added.
  • June 2018 > Links fixed on the following pages...Canada, Continental US, North Atlantic, North Pacific, Africa
  • June 2018 > Continental US...Radar - NOAA - RCM National Radar Plot link added
  • June 2018 > North Atlantic page...Surface Wx Analysis - NOAA weather chart added
  • June 2018 > North Atlantic page...North Atlantic Area H - Water Vapor satellite imagery ...link added
  • June 2018 > North Atlantic page...Jeppesen NAT tracks links updated - thank you anonymous contributor for the links!
  • May 2018 > "How to save a page for offline viewing" advice added to main page. 
  • May 2018 > Non functioning METAR request form removed from METAR/TAF requests page...link to NOAA METAR request form added.
  • January 2018 > Antarctica NOAA satellite imagery links fixed 
  • July 2017 > Space weather page...Ovation Auroral Forecast link fixed
  • March 2017 > Middle East page...ICAO area C, D, E, G SigWx charts links fixed, Jeppesen forecast turbulence charts added, thanks Douglas for the suggestions.
  • November 2016 > South/Central America page..."South America - IR - Intellicast" link fixed
  • July 2016 > Asia, North Pacific, South Pacific, Africa, and Middle East pages...Joint Typhoon Warning Center/US Navy link updated
  • March 2016 > North Atlantic page...Sea Temperature Analysis chart and Low Level SIGWX chart added, thanks Frank for the suggestions.
  • November 2015 > North Atlantic page...Current Track Message scroll bar fixed. You should be able to see the entire message now regardless of length.
  • November 2015 > Weather chart help link added to the top all regional weather pages.
  • November 2015 > A newer more user friendly sunrise/sunset calculator added to "other useful websites" page.
  • October 2015 > I'm not sure what happened for the past couple weeks. The slowdown and unloadable pages was related to Google sites who hosts the website. Everything seems to be back up to speed and loading normally again (at least for now).
  • February 2015 > Google Earth Pro is now free...follow the link
  • January 2015 > Radiation Dose Chart ...added to Space weather page
  • January 2015 > Space weather page...updated links and page format
  • November 2014 > And now for something a little different, a video depicting 24 hours of flights in UK airspace
  • October 2014 > On Middle East regional page...Hi Level SigWx charts added ICAO Area G, D and Middle East from WAFC London.
  • September 2014 > Antarctica regional page added
  • September 2014 > Upper winds/Jet stream section...updated images and links on all regional pages. The "300 hPa Heights [m] (approx 30,000ft) and Isotachs [kts] - US Navy" link provides a looped animated image of the jet stream forecast position and intensity for the region. The latest "FL300 Wind and Temperature - NOAA" chart is displayed next. Below is a link to the entire catalog of wind forecasts from FL050 and above, courtesy of the NOAA.
  • September 2014 > Middle East regional page added
  • September 2014 > Canada, Continental US, Europe, South/Central America, South Pacific pages...Air Quality Current Reading section and link added.
  • September 2014 > Mexico page...Atlantic/Pacific hurricane links fixed.
  • September 2014 > Asia page...NOAA experimental turbulence charts removed. US Navy links added. Air quality links updated.
  • September 2014 > Other useful websites page...various edits
  • September 2014 > Bermuda/Caribbean page...NOAA experimental turbulence charts removed. US Navy links added. Atlantic hurricane link fixed.
  • September 2014 > Continental US, South/Central America pages...NOAA experimental turbulence charts removed. US Navy links added. Atlantic/Pacific hurricane links fixed.
  • September 2014 > Canada, North Atlantic, Europe, North Pacific, South Pacific, Africa pages...NOAA experimental turbulence charts removed. US Navy links added.
  • September 2014 > US Navy 30K-38K ft Clear Air Turbulence charts...I have removed the defunct NOAA experimental turbulence charts and replaced these with a superior US Navy product. The US Navy turb charts will be linked under the turbulence section of each regional page. Depending on your browser you may get a security certificate warning when accessing these turb links. It's up to you to decide if you can trust the US Navy or not ;-). The charts are animated loops of forecast turbulence up to 60 hours into the future depending on the region. Use the controls on the left and top of the linked page to select the forecast period you wish to look at.
  • July 2014 > An interesting wind and ocean current visualization here. Click on "Earth" in bottom left corner for options.
  • July 2014 > Flight Delay Information - Air Traffic Control System Command Center link added to Continental US page
  • March 2014 > Real-time air quality index added to the "Other useful websites" page. Here is a look at major Chinese cities in real time.
  • February 2014 > Have a look at this weather geeks. An interesting 8 minute video put together by EUMETSAT. According to the commentary: The visualization, comprised of imagery from the geostationary satellites of EUMETSAT, NOAA and the JMA, shows an entire year of weather across the globe during 2013, with commentary from Mark Higgins, Training Officer at EUMETSAT. The satellite data layer is superimposed over NASA's 'Blue Marble Next Generation' ground maps, which change with the seasons. A year of Weather 2013 in 8 minutes
  • January 2014 > If images/charts do not load please read the following! If you are running a newer version browser this is expected behavior on many websites such as "Flightweather" which display a mix of encrypted(HTTPS) and regular content(HTTP). While "Flightweather" is encrypted (i.e., HTTPS), most of the image content is loaded from regular HTTP connections. An explanation on the Indiana University website describes the issue and how to "fix" it.
About mixed content
When you visit a secure web page (i.e., using HTTPS), your connection is encrypted with SSL. If the HTTPS page also includes content retrieved through a regular HTTP connection, the connection is only partially encrypted. This is called a web page with mixed content.

Viewing blocked mixed content
By default, mixed content is blocked in Internet Explorer (version 10+), Mozilla Firefox (version 23+) and Google Chrome (version 21+). When mixed content is blocked, you may see a blank page or a message saying that "Only secure content is displayed". To enable a browser to view blocked mixed content, follow the relevant instructions below.

Internet Explorer - To view mixed content in Internet Explorer:
  1. Scroll to the bottom of the screen, and click Show all content. 
  2. The page will refresh and display any mixed content.

Mozilla Firefox - To view mixed content in Firefox:
  1. At the top of the page, to the left of the address bar, click the shield icon ( ). 
  2. In the pop-up window that appears, click the down arrow next to "Keep Blocking", and select Disable Protection on This Page. 
  3. The page will refresh and display any mixed content. The shield icon will be replaced with a warning symbol to indicate that the page is displaying both secure and non-secure items.

Google Chrome - To view mixed content in Chrome:
  1. Click the shield icon on the right side of the address bar ( ).
  2. In the icon dialog box, click Load anyway. 
  3. The page will refresh and display any mixed content. The URL in the address bar will show https crossed out to indicate that the page is displaying both secure and non-secure items.

Source: Indiana University - University Information Technology Services

  • November 2013 > High Level SIGWX Forecast with NAT track overlay charts added to North Atlantic page.
  • November 2013 > A Turbulence section has been added to the following pages: Asia, North Pacific, South/Central America, and Africa.
  • November 2013 > Updates to the Turbulence section made on the following pages: Canada, Continental US, North Atlantic, Europe, and Bermuda/Caribbean.
  • October 2013 > A Global Tropics Hazards and Benefits Outlook chart has been added to several regional pages where tropical storms are a risk. Look under the Hurricane or Tropical Cyclone header.
  • October 2013 > A link to tropicalstormrisk.com's Storm Tracker page and the US Navy Joint Typhoon Warning Center has been added to several regional pages. Look under the Hurricane or Tropical Cyclone header.
  • October 2013 > Some charts are not loading on the North Atlantic and Europe pages when using Google Chrome, if you are having a similar problem try using a different browser. Thanks to Claudio for the note.
  • August 2013 > Sunrise/sunset calculator link added to Current UTC, Sunrise/sunset calculator and other useful websites page. Thanks Pat for the suggestion. 
  • May 2013 > NOAA High Level SigWx charts for North/Central/South America added to Canada and Continental US pages
  • May 2013 > If you need to find this website using a search engine and you can't remember our URL try this: search using Google or Bing with the search term including the quotes... "flightweather" ...the quotes are important, I am not sure why. I haven't tested on other search engines but the website shows near the top of page 1 on my test with Google and Bing. Your results may vary depending on where you are in the world.
  • April 2013 > I've added links to several websites explaining how to read chart weather symbols as well as METAR/TAF format and abbreviations to the Current UTC and other useful websites page. Thanks to Niklas and Bruce for the suggestion 
  • March 2013 > Get your favorite airport(s) weather in one click! METAR/TAF request form has moved to a dedicated page. Instructions are now included on how to create a METAR/TAF bookmark for a group of airports.
  • March 2013 > Current UTC and other useful websites now show links to other useful aviation sites such as SkyVector and The Great Circle Mapper. Thanks to Pat H for these links
  • February 2013 > "Air Quality Current Reading" section for Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong added to Asia page.
  • February 2013 > Taiwan radar links added Asia Radar page. Thanks for the links Mike C.
  • January 2013 > A user reports the website is blocked in China. If anyone has a workaround to connect to the site while in China contact me via the report an error or make a suggestion form

Possible solutions? Let me know if it works.

1. If you have an anonymous IP program, like Hide my IP, you can set it to use US based IP. That should solve the China problem. Haven't been to China lately so don't know if it will work. Going there next month so will let you know.

2. Have you tried Hotspot Shield?

3. To get access to blocked sites in e.g. China use Hotspot Shield for your laptop and VPN Express for iPad/iPhone. (n.b. see their instructions regarding server selection when in China)

  • December 2012 > Non-flash clock added to UTC page
  • November 2012 > Clearing your browser cache will help ensure the most current weather charts load. Don't use a browser if you can't clear the cache. There is a chance the browser will load an old chart residing in the browser cache. On your own device it's no problem. If you are unsure on how to clear your browser cache look here.
  • Aug 2012 > Jeppesen North Atlantic High Level SIGWX forecast charts added, server problems seem to have sorted themselves out
  • Aug 2012 > Jeppesen North Atlantic High Level SIGWX forecast charts removed - charts are often out of date by several days
  • July 2012 > North Atlantic Track Message section modified to display directly on page vs by a link
  • June 2012 > Runway Visual Ranges added for selected US airports on Continental US page
  • June 2012 > Runway Visual Ranges added for selected Canadian airports on Canada page
  • June 2012 > Africa regional weather page added

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