Treatment for Acne and Acne Scars

There are lots of treatment options available to improve the appearance and texture of their skin or to treat acne and acne scars.  The system of choice in the past few years has laser technology, either to remove the outer layers of skin to encourage new skin growth (CO2 or Er: YAG) or to penetrate the skin to promote rejuvenation from the inside (fractional thermolysis).

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Although useful for treating many different skin ailments, they do have their limits, and in particular, can lead to hypopigmentation, areas of uneven skin colour, lasting up to 2 years following therapy.  Fractional lasers were secure, but less powerful, and required more treatments to achieve acceptable outcomes.
A more recent development has been fractional thermolysis utilising radio frequency (RF) energy, instead of laser energy, to stimulate skin care that's as effective as laser energy, but has a much lower chance of side effects.  The leading device which uses RF energy is your eTwo SublativeTM Skin Treatment System.  This report explains the science behind radio frequency energy and why it's useful for acne treatment in chennai.

What's Fractional Thermolysis?

In fractional thermolysis, the applicators comprise little pins in a grid pattern, to 'fractionate' or spread the energy over a broader area.  

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The heat creates microscopic burns in the gut.  Once injured, the skin starts a process of repair.  This healing process is made possible by recruitment of collagen-producing cells in the surrounding sections of undamaged skin.  This procedure 'rejuvenates' skin, improving texture, firmness and the appearance of scars.

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Laser energy travels in a straight line and is attracted to the melanin pigment which most of us have in our skin.   acne scar treatment in chennai.  

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Some lasers aren't suited to treating darker skin tones since the high degree of energy that's attracted to the melanin in the surface of the skin, resulting in ineffectiveness in treating deep veins which go in the dermis.

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Radiofrequency acts like an electrical current.  The sender electrode emits the RF energy, and the recipient electrode gets the power to finish the circuit.  After the RF energy strikes the scar tissue, it works its way around the stricter fabric thereby heating the website in a controlled way.   The RF energy exerts just 5 percent of its power on the skin, with the majority of the energy penetrating deep in the dermis where it's required to stimulate collagen production and new cell growth.

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Safe and Effective
Clinical studies using menopausal fractional RF energy have always demonstrated that these tools are as useful in improving skin texture and appearance as CO2 and ER: YAG lasers, but with far fewer side effects.  The side effects which were reported were minor and only lasted a couple of days .



Healing after therapy with RF is rapid and recovery time is minimal.  The scar treatment in chennai  emits bipolar RF energy, meaning the power is much better focused and more capable of stimulating collagen production, making the identical heat impact with less force and therefore less pain.