Professional Make Up Artist

professional make up artist
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    make up
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professional make up artist - Professional Make-Up
Professional Make-Up Artist Design Kit
Professional Make-Up Artist Design Kit
Kids can learn professional makeup artist techniques with this one-of-a-kind kit. Includes makeup, art materials and instruction book to easily create several unique looks - use your imagination and design even more! Kit shows you how to create makeup designs on a practice pad and use tips from the pros to translate those techniques from paper to one of the 5 three-dimensional face molds. For ages 8 and up. Set includes:Scratch pad with face outline and area to note colors to use and experiment with, Five 3-D paper practice face shapes (oval), Three double-sided makeup brushes (angled brush/shadow brush, a lip brush/details brush, and a foundation brush/blush brush), Art materials for practice (Three watercolor cakes- practice foundation, 2 watercolor pencils- for practice eyeliner or lipliner, 4 colored pencils for practice hair color, 2 soft pastels for practice cheek color, 3 semi-soft watercolors for practice lip color, 8 watercolor cakes- practice eye shadow), 16-page fully illustrated guide book. Size:10"-sq. kit.

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Make Up - Day 89/365
Make Up - Day 89/365
I had the pleasure of directing several actors today for a video shoot. One of the actors was a delightful 12 year old from Mesquite. We hired a professional make up artist and we were ahead of schedule, so I let her stay in makeup for an extra half hour being pampered. She loved it.
Aurimas Juodiskis (Make up artist)
Aurimas Juodiskis (Make up artist)
Aurimas Juodiskis (Make up artist)

professional make up artist