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  • A makeup artist is an artist whose medium is the human body, applying makeup and prosthetics for theatrical, television, film, fashion, magazines and other similar productions including all aspects of the modeling industry.
  • This is a person who applies makeup professionally to models and other people before they appear on television, in films or any other public platform..
  • applies and changes makeup for photo sessions
  • A location connected to the Internet that maintains one or more pages on the World Wide Web
  • A website (also spelled Web site; officially styled website by the AP Stylebook) is a collection of related web pages, images, videos or other digital assets that are addressed relative to a common Uniform Resource Locator (URL), often consisting of only the domain name, or the IP address, and
  • (website) Alternative spelling of web site
  • (website) web site: a computer connected to the internet that maintains a series of web pages on the World Wide Web; "the Israeli web site was damaged by hostile hackers"

Makeup Artist in Cornwall Suzi Winter
Makeup Artist in Cornwall Suzi Winter
Liminal have just started working on a new site for top Cornwall based makeup artist Suzi Winter. Check out the holding website for recent behind the scenes videos of Suzi’s work on Surf Girl Magazine and Truro’s ‘The Lounge’ photoshoots – shot by Kirstin Prisk. Suzi specialises in fashion and wedding makeup and is available on 01637 854262.
Wendy - bio shot
Wendy - bio shot
Wendy is a makeup artist I often work with. She recently asked me to shoot a portrait of her for her bio at her agency's website. This is the shot she selected for publication.

makeup artist websites