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Eye Makeup With Black Dress

eye makeup with black dress
  • The combination of qualities that form a person's temperament
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eye makeup with black dress - La Petit
La Petit Black Dress Eye Sentials Set: 1x Mascara + 1x Eyeshadow Trio + 1x Eyebrow Grooming Gel - Bourjois - MakeUp Set - La Petit Black Dress Eye Sentials Set - 3pcs
La Petit Black Dress Eye Sentials Set: 1x Mascara + 1x Eyeshadow Trio + 1x Eyebrow Grooming Gel - Bourjois - MakeUp Set - La Petit Black Dress Eye Sentials Set - 3pcs
La Petit Black Dress Eye Sentials Set: 1x Maxi Fragrance Mascara ( Extreme Professional Lash Styling ) 2x6ml/0.2oz - ( # 21 Black ) + 1x Effet Lumiere Eyeshadow Trio 3.5g/0.1oz - ( # 46 Les Argents ) 1x Sourcil Au Beau Fixe! Eyebrow Clear Grooming Gel 5.5ml/0.19ozWell coordinated & trendy color Fine texture & glides on smoothly on skin Velvety smooth & stay-true color Gives a striking & versatile make up results Ideal both for personal use & as a gift - Bourjois - MakeUp Set - La Petit Black Dress Eye Sentials Set

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Sexy Pink Dress on Beautiful Brunette Model
Sexy Pink Dress on Beautiful Brunette Model
Saturday night, February 27, 2010, I did my first model photoshoot of the year in my studio with my new pink and black muslin backdrops. The model is a very beautiful 24 year old sexy brunette named Holli. We will definitely work together again as I really like her gorgeous look, and this girl has a stunning glamorous style. She is definitely a sexy woman and I really like her dresses. Here this beauty is sitting in her hot pink dress and the viewer can definitely enjoy the view of her great long legs and her bare feet. Her smile is cute, and the subject has sweet eyes and makeup. I like the lighting in contrast to the black muslin backdrop. I hope you like this pose and my set thus far. Please let me know what you think. Do you like this photograph????? How could I have improved on my work????????
Black Latex Smile
Black Latex Smile
The world feels like it's a pretty crap place today so here's an attempt to cheer it up :) Model, styling, hair & makeup: Emma Alexa Latex: Kimberlicious Location: South Beach Strobist info (as usual, for those interested!): Profoto AcuteB2 into 2x3 gridded softbox, on a fully extended stand above and behind camera (the stairs go down quite a way!). Nikon SB800 on top step behind model's head, with no mods. Both triggered with PW TT1/5.

eye makeup with black dress
eye makeup with black dress
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