Scale Model Project

Scale Model Project


Math Objective: You will apply the mathematical skills of ratio, proportion, and scale by making a scale model of a life-size structure.

Research Objective: You will learn how to access information from a variety of print and non-print sources, put information in your own words, and cite sources. 

As you are researching your structure and gathering data it is important to consider the validity of the information you are locating.  Is the information correct, true and accurate.  Are you finding the best information on the history, cultural, and social impact of your structure.  Please view the following guide to evaluating your resources as you fill out your research document.

Before you create your final presentation it will be important to review how to correctly convey the information you have acquired.  You will be creating a presentation that will be visible on the world wide web and before it is permanently out in cyberspace it is important to consider how your project and the message your project conveys will be viewed by others.

Technology Objective: You will use Internet resources to help you research as well as create an online bibliography. You will also create a visual presentation of the building process in the form of a blog or website that will display your work.

Humanities: You will study the historical, architectural, and cultural significance of a life-size structure.


In this project, you will be researching and studying about a life-size structure about which you are interested in learning. You will also be creating a scale model of this structure.


Your choices are essentially open-ended, except that you must pay attention to the following restrictions:


Your structure needs to have historical, architectural, and cultural significance.


You may not use a store-bought model kit.


Due to these restrictions, your choice of structure must be approved by Mr. Haynes.


After you have chosen a structure to research and create, you must decide on an appropriate and workable scale. Remember, the scale you choose must allow you to reasonably work with the materials and allow you to transport the object to and from school.



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