Vinyl Blinds

vinyl blinds
  • window coverings, especially vertical blinds, wood blinds, roller blinds, pleated blinds
  • A window blind is a type of window covering which is made with slats of fabric, wood, plastic or metal that adjust by rotating from an open position to a closed position by allowing slats to overlap. A roller blind does not have slats but comprises a single piece of material.
  • Cause (someone) to be unable to see, permanently or temporarily
  • Deprive (someone) of understanding, judgment, or perception
  • Confuse or overawe someone with something difficult to understand
  • The blinds are forced bets posted by players to the left of the dealer button in flop-style poker games. The number of blinds is usually two, but can be one or three.
  • a univalent chemical radical derived from ethylene
  • A vinyl compound is any organic compound that contains a vinyl group (Preferred IUPAC name ethenyl). Vinyl groups (formula −CH=CH2) are derivatives of ethene, CH2=CH2, with one hydrogen atom replaced with some other group.
  • Synthetic resin or plastic consisting of polyvinyl chloride or a related polymer, used esp. for wallpapers and other covering materials and for phonograph records
  • Of or denoting the unsaturated hydrocarbon radical ?CH=CH2, derived from ethylene by removal of a hydrogen atom
  • Vinyl used as the standard material for phonograph records
  • shiny and tough and flexible plastic; used especially for floor coverings

Mexican Blinds, Abstract Detail
Mexican Blinds, Abstract Detail
My favorite of these five images of blinds in a Mexican restaurant in central Phoenix. All are interesting in large views, and feature a Mexican woven blanket cut into strips and encased in vinyl blind sleeves.

I'd appreciate any comments on these five and if you have any preferences among them as to which you prefer. And these images stump me as to the best groups they would be appropriate for - ideas?
Vinyl Blind
Vinyl Blind
My Incubus vinyl arrived today, it's a 'Blood Red Limited Edition' of the single, Megalomaniac. I took a photo with the self-timer, and although accidental, the vinyl reflected my window blinds. It looks quite cool though!

vinyl blinds