Pendant shades glass. Decorative drapery holdbacks

Pendant Shades Glass

pendant shades glass
  • chandelier: branched lighting fixture; often ornate; hangs from the ceiling
  • Hanging downward; pendent
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  • pendent: held from above; "a pendant bunch of grapes"
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pendant shades glass - Westinghouse Lighting
Westinghouse Lighting 7028400 Single-Light Mini-Pendant Kit with Nickel Finish
Westinghouse Lighting 7028400 Single-Light Mini-Pendant Kit with Nickel Finish
Customize light fixture with any 2 1 4'' fitter glass. Installs with shade ring (included). Adjustable cord. Maximum cord length, 50'. Canopy diameter 5''. use 1 standard base bulb 60W maximum. No. 70284: Brushed nickel No. 70285: Oil rubbed bronze (dark) No. 70286: White No. 70287: Antique brass

This Westinghouse Lighting 7028400 Single-Light Mini-Pendant Kit with Nickel Finish lets you create a unique, contemporary, affordable lighting fixture that is customizable by adding a 2-1/4-inch glass shade.
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Single-Light Mini-Pendant Kit
with Nickel Finish
Stylish nickel finish matches a variety of decors
Create a custom look with any 2-1/4-inch glass shade
Shade ring allows for quick and easy installation
50-inch adjustable cord allows you to set the perfect lamp height
The fixture uses one 60-watt standard base light bulb (not included)

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Match this versatile pendant with the glass shade of your choice. View larger.
Create a Unique Light Fixture Easily and Affordably
With a stylish nickel finish, this single-light mini pendant matches a variety of home decors. Exercise your creativity as you match this distinctive pendant with the glass shade of your choice.
Change Your Mood, Change Your Shade
This mini-pendant kit uses a shade ring instead of thumb screws to secure the glass, so you can install and change the shade easily and often. It is compatible with any 2-1/4-inch fitter glass shade (sold separately).
Adjustable Cord Lets You Choose the Perfect Length
In addition to a shade ring, this mini-pendant kit includes a 5-inch-diameter canopy and an adjustable 50-inch cord that lets you choose the pendant's length. The fixture uses one 60-watt standard base light bulb (not included).
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Westinghouse Lighting is a global brand with a simple philosophy: make life easier for everyone who buys its products. The company offers ceiling fans, lighting fixtures, lighting hardware, lighting accessories, and light bulbs for both consumer and commercial applications. Westinghouse Lighting products are designed for exceptional quality, reliability, and innovation.
What's in the Box
Mini pendant and installation hardware.

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Gold Lily Pendant
Gold Lily Pendant
The centre piece of this pendant is the gorgeous fused glass cabochon created by Emotional Oasis. The cabochon depicts some lovely white lilies against a backdrop of a glorious deep midnight blue colour in the centre of the cabochon, the background colour then being a lighter shade of blue. I have taken the lily cabochon and wire wrapped it in 14k gold fill wire within a rounded diamond shape frame which leaves the cabochon looking as if is suspended within the frame.The central wires in the frame have been twisted and these wires have then been used to sweep across the top of the pendant. The gold of the wires perfectly picks out the stamen in the lily picture on the cabochon and contrasts beautifully with the blue colours of the glass. This is an absolutely delightful pendant and one that you will love to wear. Although this pendant is in gold I am happy to provide a free sterling silver chain if desired (as I do with my sterling silver pendants). If you would like one please let me know in notes to seller. Length of Pendant from bail: 2 1/2 in (6 1/2 cm)
TURTLE POWER ACTIVATE Glass Pendant Necklace
TURTLE POWER ACTIVATE Glass Pendant Necklace
This sweet turtle is a part of our Ocean collection. Such a stunning piece and if you are a turtle lover this piece will not dissapoint. This borosilicate turtle fired beautifully with so much silvering. This turtle was created by hand by my husband in the torch. Deep shades of blue and green floating in a clear base create his shell, while silvered sapphire blue make up his head and little flippers. This sweet turtle hangs from his right front flipper. No glue or any other material was used to create this turtle; purely borosilicate glass. And no presses! This turtle measures about 1.75 inches (4.4cm) in length and width (at the widest parts). Turtle hangs from a solid sterling silver fine chain in 21 inches.

pendant shades glass