Girl Bed Canopies

girl bed canopies
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girl bed canopies - Playskool Lullaby
Playskool Lullaby Gloworm Girl (styles may vary)
Playskool Lullaby Gloworm Girl (styles may vary)
Hasbro Playskool Lullaby Gloworm Girl
Help baby transition from busy time to bedtime. With a simple squeeze, the Lullaby Gloworm toy lights up with a friendly, glowing face and soothing lullaby songs. Three modes of play include lights-only, short-play and long-play. Six different lullabies help little ones drift off to dreamland with their comforting, cuddly companion. Get this classic toy from Playskool that you loved as a child.
Product Dimensions (inches): 3.6 (L) x 11 (W) x 6.5 (H)
Age: Birth to 4 years

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Kalash girl
Kalash girl
Kalash Valley, Pakistan. This was my first travel photography trip and my first ever shot taken from an analogue Nikon f65. Here is something i wrote about this trip. The jeep’s tire slipped off a tiny rock as it moved further towards the valley of Kalash. The road was all rocky with a narrow drive way. It made me sense fear as I looked thousands of feet down through the window which was covered with the December mist. I wiped it off with my hands to stare right through in the eyes of this developing fear. I know it will not last for long. I moved ahead. My destination arrived and I parked my jeep in a beautiful pathway of a wooden lodge. The journey began as I threw my bag on the bed and walked out of my room. I took out my camera and gently removed the tiny dust particles from the lens with a soft cloth which I always kept in my bag. The wind was blowing, but I could see little raindrops on the green leaves but all this with a bright sun to put an icing on the cake for me to capture yet another master piece of nature. I walked further to get hold of my favorite snap shot. I could smell the wet mud. It took away all the tiredness that the long drive gave me. Passing by I plucked a cherry red apple from a tree branch which was inclined towards the ground. I helped my self with a little jump. Oh there I heard something, there was a bunch of young girls singing merrily and dancing in their traditional dresses. Unaware of the norms of this particular region, I did not know if I could intervene. I sat behind a rock n saw them while I took a bite of this sweet and juicy fruit. The colors in their attire were pleasing to my eyes. I took out my zoom lens and focused them capturing what I could see from there. Suddenly someone covered my eyes with both hands. I tried to remove them and could feel softness on the skin. I made my grip loosen a bit. I did not want to hurt her. She removed her hands and asked me to give the fruit. A young girl, not more than five years old, really brought a smile on my face. She ran away with the apple humming that joyous tune. For a moment I wished to be that kid with a blissful gesture on my face and watched her run away as she disappeared in meadows covered with a lush green canopy of leaves.
A princess's life ain't all it's cracked up to be. ---------- More in the comments.

girl bed canopies
girl bed canopies
JazzyToes Hamptons Variety - Girls, 12-24 Months
Jazzy Toes Hamptons Variety Sock Set - Girls
JazzyToes® Hamptons Variety Set is new this season! Our designer was inspired by his weekend getaways at the Hamptons and designed this wonderful set. This variety set comes in 6 new designs and 6 colors. This set is perfect to match your baby’s casual outfits for the nice weather. The 6 designs include the ballet in pink, the clog in red, the casual flats in light blue, the flip flops in brown, the T-straps mary janes in black with flower on the side, and the runners in bright pink, the

•6 unique designs for an outdoor look
•6 colors in a box
•Non-skid soles
•Comes in ready-to-mail gift box
•CPSIA complaint, safe for your children.
•Materials: 75% Cotton, 23% Nylon, 2% Elastane
•2 sizes: 0-12 Months, 12-24 Months