Event: A Look at Game Development - Industry Networking Series Co-Sponsored by The University Career Center & 
Northrop Grumman
Date: May 5th, 2011
Time: 5:15pm - 7:15pm
Location: University Career Center - Resource Room (South Wing of the Hornbake Library, 3rd Floor)
Event Details:
Are you interested in a career in the gaming industry? Have you been working on a portfolio? What resources are out there that can help you succeed?

This event will feature panelists from various areas of the gaming industry speaking about their involvement, experiences, and projects. Panelists will also discuss the importance of developing a strong game portfolio, networking, and getting involved with the International Game Developers Association.

STUDENT RSVP NOT REQUIRED, Attendance will be on a first come, first served basis.

Guests Include:

Sam Levine - Independent Developer & IGDA-DC

Sam Levine is an independent game developer based in Washington, DC. His most recent game is 'BrickWar!', a Breakout-style game published on the Android market. He began developing games in 2002, writing his first projects on a TI-83+ graphing calculator. Sam will discuss his development process and experience with the game development cycle as well as talk about his upcoming publication.

Gabriel Pendleton - e4e Interactive, Pure Bang Games, & BaltimoreGamer.com

Gabriel Pendleton works as a game tester with e4e Interactive as well as a programming intern at Pure Bang Games. Gabriel has also worked in media marketing and uses those skills as the communications manager for the Baltimore Chapter of the IGDA. Gabriel is also the founder of BaltimoreGamer.com, a central hub promoting gaming, gaming technology, and the local industry talent in Baltimore. Along with his professional activities, Gabriel contributes to organizing gaming events such as the BetaScape Arcade, the Global Game Jams, and the recent MD Game Developers speaker series that included Zynga East, Big Huge Games, Pure Bang and other local gaming companies. Gabriel’s educational background is in stimulation and digital entertainment and his focus is video game programming and design. Gabriel will talk about the “Catch 22” of the gaming industry, requiring industry experience versus gaining a degree while in school. Gabriel will explain the importance of being active, creating a strong portfolio while in school, as well as the challenges new graduates face getting hired in the industry.

Eric Ruth - Eric Ruth Games

Eric Ruth founded Eric Ruth Games, which is active in both the gaming and marketing industries. Eric is probably best known for his "Pixel Force" game series that takes modern day game franchises and re-envisions them as late 1980's NES titles. The success of this series has led Eric to being featured on G4 TV and his titles have been featured in several gaming magazines. In addition to his re-envisioned content, Eric is also responsible for the Angry Video Game Nerd's official video game, which has helped to develop Eric’s strong fan following in the independent gaming scene. Eric has also gotten the opportunity to work with other game studios on official products and has continued to develop his own Eric Ruth Games. Eric will bring his passion and energy for game development to the panel, he will tell the story of Eric Ruth Games as well as talk about his past and current projects. A sample of Eric's portfolio is available at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TiFgxtQ0XBk

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